Numerous things happen in Utah radio every year. Personalities coming and going. DJs switching stations and causing a domino effect at other stations. DJs doing bizarre stunts. DJs doing fund-raisers to help the needy or some charity. Stations changing formats. Here's a look at some of the things the Deseret News reported on during 1994 in Utah radio:


Mark Waldi and Sue Kelly debut as morning hosts on KRSP. . . . A lewdness charge is filed against KKAT morning personality Ken Simmons. . . . KUER begins a new five-part NPR series, "Legacies: Tales From America." . . . McCormick and Scotty on KUTQ fire themselves and stage replacement DJs - Ron C. Coon and Daniel Fudge. However, after one hour of negative listener response, the original "Breakfast Bunch" returns. . . . A new Salt Lake group - Hekili Broadcasting Co. - begins the purchase process for KBER radio, while former owner Chris Devine keeps his LMA lease agreement to operate KZHT. . . . The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints releases two more public service radio programs in its continuing "Times and Seasons" series. . . . KALL-FM call letters change to KODJ. . . . KKDS begins a new listening skills program for elementary school children with the help of the Granite School District. . . . The Bible Broadcasting Network purchases Ogden's KKBE from Chapter 7 bankruptcy. . . . KSL drops the ABC Radio Network and thus Paul Harvey broadcasts, too. KSOS-AM remains the only Wasatch Front station to air Harvey. . . . New Arbitron ratings come out and KDYL more than doubles its audience. . . . The newly formed Bajamir broadcasting group applies to purchase KQOL, pending FCC approval. . . . KMXB hosts another "Dollar Bill Exchange." . . . KKAT fires Richard Cano and Simmons. Jim Michelson and Kevin Stanfield temporarily host the morning show while KKAT conducts a nationwide search for new morning DJs. . . . KQOL goes off the air and KTCE goes on the air with a simulcast of KRGQ. . . . The new Arbiton ratings come out and KSFI is No. 1 in the adult category, with KSOP second and KKAT third. Among morning shows, KSFI is first, KSOP second and KKAT third. . . . Martin Tanner's switch from KTKK to KSL to start a "Religion Today" show causes Van Hale of "Mormon Miscellaneous" on KMGR to move to KTKK to take over the "Religion on the Line" program. . . . KSRR's "Radio Mall" program moves to KOVO.


"Jon and Dan" of KLZX go to the Winter Olympics. . . . KXRK celebrates its second birthday in a big way with "Great Xpectations" - a free concert party. . . . KSL holds its 18th annual radiothon to raise funds for Primary Childrens Medical Center. . . . KBER's "Ron and Allen" on KVRI's "Wakeup Club" play the same morning show over and over again each hour on Feb. 2 to celebrate Groundhog Day. . . . KRCL tries to raise money for a translator in Park City. . . . KRSP becomes "Arrow 103.5" and switches to rock 'n' roll oldies music. . . . Jana Carlson is hired by KSL radio/TV as a reporter. . . . Dana Horner, general manager for KKAT, KODJ and KALL-AM, resigns. . . . KODJ hires a new slate of DJs for its oldies format, including Gary Zane, Rob Boschard and Johnny Mitchell. . . . Valentine's Day is big on the radio with "Jon and Dan" broadcasting from the love bunker and giving away love ammo, while other stations like KVRI awarded tickets for a "Romeo and Juliet" production to lucky listeners. . . . Paul Harvey begins on KCNR Radio and Dave Hebertson is named program director at the station. . . . Apollo Radio names Bill Sauer, former sales manager, as the new general manager for KKAT, KODJ and KALL-AM. . . . KBZN starts a free, Wasatch Front touch-tone telephone movie information service. . . . Katrin Snow is hired as news department reporter by KUER. . . . KSL raises $184,000 during its annual Primary Childrens Medical Center Radiothon. . . . KISN hosts its third "Star Party," with Eleanor McEvoy, Laura Branigan and Aaron Neville performing. . . . Russ Wood of KSL is named the vice president of sales and marketing for Bonneville International Corp. . . .


Dick Nourse of KSL-TV is a guest of Jon and Dan on KLZX and "The Wakeup Club" on sister station KVRI. . . . KUTQ co-sponsors a "What's the Coolest Thing to Do in Salt Lake?" promotion. . . . KRCL holds its first annual "Day in the Park Poster Contest." . . . KKAT hires Gary Zane and Scott Christopher as its new morning team. Kelly Hammer temporarily becomes Kevin McCormick's morning co-host on KUTQ's "The Breakfast Bunch." . . . KQOL comes back on the air as KUJJ, a country station at FM-106.5 with Mike Kelly as general manager. Its personality lineup includes Michael O'Brien, Rob Riesen, John St. Claire and Adam Michaels. . . . "Saintspeak," a new, local religious talk show premieres on KMGR with hosts Bruce Smith and Karen Boren. . . . KRGQ plays the "Saturday All-Request Oldies Dedication" program hosted by Steve Hatch each week. . . . Radio stations KCNR and KLZX are involved in the Salt Lake library hostage crisis and help keep the gunman/ bomber busy. . . . KSL names Ray Carter as director of news services for both the radio and TV stations. . . . KSOS is involved in a "Take a Bite Out of Crime" program with three dozen Weber/North Davis area business sponsors. . . . KTKK challenges Randy Horiuchi to a sumo wrestling match. . . . Ed Nunn becomes the new KUMT morning host and Michael G. Kavanaugh becomes the busiest man in radio with a new show on sister station KUMT, as well as his "Sleepless in Salt Lake Show" on KMXB. . . . "Ron and Allen" narrowly lose their annual basketball game in Malad, Idaho, but earn money for MDA. . . . Kerry and Bill of KXRK go on a cruise. . . . KRCL broadcasts its annual "Women Aloud" programming. . . . John Hair becomes the program director at KMGR as the station ceases simulcasts with KSRR and becomes its own separate, LDS music station.


KUTQ awards an expense-free wedding to a lucky listener in its "Great Wedding Giveaway." . . . "Celebrate Diversity," KRCL's spring radiothon airs. . . . "Fisher and Todd" on KISN-FM give away 1 million pesos ($326) to make `Sue" from Bountiful a "millionaire" for April Fools' Day. KISN-AM and KXRK also stage big pranks. . . . The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has added seven new programs to its continuing "Times and Seasons" radio series. . . . Richard Cano is hired by KRGQ radio. . . . Bible Broadcasting Network purchases Ogden's KKBE-FM and KJOE-AM and renames them KYFO and switches to Conservative Christian Music. . . . KMXB begins a "Bedtime with Barney" show each Sunday evening. . . . Tom Barberi has Randy Horiuchi as a guest on his show and has a co-host now, Dawn Kennally. . . . Ron Harrison is forced off the KBER morning show. He's replaced by Michael Hayes. . . . Richard Cano, former KKAT morning personality, seeks a $350,000 contract settlement from his former employer. . . . William R. Murdock announces he will retire as KSL radio general manager on Oct. 1. He'll be succeeded by Richard Mecham.


KLO switches from adult contemporary format to a "Stardust" - nostalgia - format. . . . Richard Cano, after only six days as the morning host at KRGQ, switches stations again and joins Kevin McCormick at KUTQ. . . . KSFI leads the Arbitron winter ratings for the age 12-plus age group, while KSOP is first among listeners ages 18-34. . . . Ladd Hadlock is named general sales manager for KMXB/KUMT/KCPX. . . . KPCW and KCPW air a speech by the U.S. surgeon general live from Park City. . . . KUMT begins a series of free summer concerts at the Gallivan Center. . . . "Fisher and Todd" of KISN-FM win a Utah Jazz bet with some Denver DJs over the Nugget series. . . . KSFI is the most-listened-to Wasatch Front station for the ninth month in a row. . . . Tom Barberi of KALL-AM tries to run for the state liquor commission. . . . KSL's Bob Lee show becomes more controversial, discussing more hot topics. . . . Mark and Danny of KDYL take listeners on a Heber Creeper train ride. . . . Several radio stations - KISN-FM and KMXB - make bets with DJs in other states over the outcome of the Jazz in the NBA playoffs. . . . KUER wins 14 of 19 awards from SPJ in a sweep of the radio journalism awards for 1994. . . . Rumors of a new radio station coming at FM-102.7 appear. . . . KMGR begins a listener support club. . . . KTKK begins airing the controversial "Tom Leykis Show" from Westwood One Entertainment.


KSL and the LDS Radio Network both broadcast the funeral services for LDS Church President Ezra Taft Benson. . . . KKAT holds its annual summer music festival at the Utah State Fairpark. . . . Several radio stations, including KSFI, sponsor special visitor days at Hogle Zoo. . . . Several stations offer free cars as prizes in contests, including KUTQ and KVRI. . . . KSFI sponsors the Sports Festival in Liberty Park and also Zoola-Moola Day at Hogle Zoo. . . . KUER sponsors a "Vintage Vinyl" record sale. . . . KISN-FM picks a lazy man, a "Homo Laziness" to be a temporary specimen in a cage at Hogle Zoo. . . . KUMT sponsors a 25-mile bicycle ride to Antelope Island. . . . "Kerry and Bill" of KXRK make their annual trip to London. . . . Hans Petersen returns to the S.L. airwaves as the morning personality on KUMT. . . . KXRK moves to new studios in downtown Salt Lake City. . . . KUTQ morning DJ Richard Canon spends the month in LDS Hospital in critical condition from a bacterial infection. . . . Utah's Simmons Radio Group (KSFI, KDYL and KRSP) wins another Gold Medallion Award at the 1994 "PROMAX" (Promotion and Marketing Executives in the Electronic Media) Conference in New Orleans to become the only U.S. broadcasting company to win three such awards in a row. . . . KSL moves the "Grant and Amanda" show up 30 minutes earlier to a 5 a.m. start and "Sports Central" switches to a new 6:15 p.m. starting time. . . . Radio stations give away movie tickets to listeners. . . . KCNR begins a new show, "The Morning Express," with three different hosts. . . . KWJJ helps raise $30,000 for Camp Kostopulos in an auction.


Tom Barberi hits the 23-year mark as a personality on KALL. . . . KLZX holds annual Livestock concert. . . . KSL hosts "Street Heat" on July 3. . . . "American Top 40" with Casey Kasem is no longer on the air. . . . KZHT leads the teenage radio ratings. . . . KVRI co-hosts the Neighbor Fair on July 25. . . . "Unplugged" is KBER's newest morning feature, with live music from local bands. . . . Fox TV does a four-part TV news series on S.L. radio. . . . KWJJ has a Lagoon Day and a Hogle Zoo Day during July and personalities ride in a 1921 car during the Days of '47 Parade. Other radio personalities also ride in the parade. . . . 10 different radio stations are involved with the Ogden Street Festival. . . . KSOP goes for the Guinness Book of World Records with line dancing at the Days of '47 Parade. . . . The LDS Radio Network broadcasts two pioneer specials. . . . KUSU-FM broadcasts the special town meeting of the Utah Legislature. . . . Hans Petersen of KUMT stars in a one-man TV show about Tom Paine on KUED. . . . Steve Hatch and Joe Jackson begin a new morning show on KRGQ. . . . KSFI tops the Arbitron spring ratings, while KXRK and KRSP make big gains. . . . KUTV does a morning spotlight on local radio teams. . . . Black Diamond Broadcasting leases KSOS, with intent to purchase the Ogden oldies station.


Richard Cano returns to KUTQ after a two-month illness. . . . KKAT stages a "beat the heat" contest at the Valley Fair Mall. . . . "Jon and Dan" on KLZX have a one-day-only format change featuring all Slim Whitman music. . . . Rick Shane, KKAT morning show producer hops a freight car on "National Hobo Day" to see how far he can ride south without being kicked off. He gets as far as Milford before the train stops. . . . KUER morning personality/program director Gene Pack recovers from a heart attack and surgery. Rachel Varat-Navarro fills in for him. . . . Mick Martin begins as the new co-host with Allen Handy on the KBER morning team, replacing Michael Hayes. . . . Several radio stations commemorate the anniversary of Elvis' death.. . . KXRK holds Great Xpectations II concert with eight new bands at the Triad Center. . . . KUTQ takes control of KZHT through a bankruptcy deal and a lease marketing agreement. . . . Janna "Banana" Blake, Utah's original woman DJ, becomes the new KMXB morning co-host with Tom Bock. . . . KALL begins a new afternoon drive time show, "Drive Time," with Gaylen Palmer, Jason Johnson, Janine Baker gives traffic reports and Brad Stone. Palmer is replaced on KODJ by Scott Kenyon.


Ron Harrison, former KBER morning DJ, becomes the morning host on KZHT and his sidekick is "Gary the Pollock." . . . Craig Fineshriber begins afternoon work as a fill-in for KUER's Ricklen Nobis, who is on a nine-month leave of absence to be principal keyboardist with the San Antonio Symphony. . . . KKDS gives away a $2,000 playhouse in a big contest. . . . KCNR holds a celebrity roast for its first anniversary. . . . KMXB begins playing all 1970s disco music every Saturday. . . . Bonneville International purchases KDGE-FM in Dallas/Fort Worth. . . . Maria Titze joins the KUER news department. . . . Wade Jessen, Duchesne County resident who worked in Utah radio from 1979 to 1987, is named Billboard Magazine's "Medium Market Music Director of the Year" at WSM-AM and FM radio in Nashville, Tenn. . . . KLZX-AM switches to an all-news format with Associated Press Newsworld and becomes KAPN. . . . A host of DJs staff the local MDA Labor Day Telethon. . . . KRSP sponsors a million-dollar golf shootout to benefit the Glendale Youth Recreation Center. . . . Many radio stations broadcast live from the Utah State Fair. . . . Dain Craig is named as the new program director for KISN-FM. He replaces John Dimick, who took a similar radio job in Seattle. . . . KBER hires Kevin Lewis as the new operations manager for the station, replacing Cory Draper. . . . Erin Fraser becomes the new newsperson on KISN-FM, replacing Charla Haley, who will concentrate on KISN-AM news. . . . Brian Casey leaves the "Wakeup Club" on KVRI. He's replaced by Scott MacNeil. . . . Citadel Broadcasting hires Terry Mathis as its director of business development.


KRCL holds its annual fall radiothon. . . . "Fisher and Todd" stage a big yard sale for charity. . . . Ron Harrison, KZHT DJ, goes skydiving and takes some lucky listeners along. . . . Dain Craig leaves KISN-FM and replaces Scott MacNeil as KSFI morning co-host with Peggy Ijams and also as program director. . . . KISN-FM names Jim Morales program director. . . . KLZX gives away $1,000 in a special song of the day contest for the ninth caller. . . . KXRK begins a new, two-person evening program with Chet Tapp and Todd Nuke'm - the "Think Tank" show. . . . KSFI is still the No. 1 station for all ages in the summer Arbitron ratings. KKAT is No. 2. For ages 18-43, KXRK moves into the top spot with KKAT in second. For ages 25-54, KSFI is first, with KKAT second. . . . KDYL simulcasts its nostalgia format on Provo's KOVO. . . . KSOP gives away $5,000 in a Halloween drawing, while KVRI awards snowblower prizes to a half-dozen lucky listeners. . . . "Let's Talk Fishing" is a new radio talk show on KMGR. . . . KUER airs the new "War of the Worlds" show by NPR . . . Jon Berg's "How To" shows debut on KCNR.. . . The Simmons Radio Group (KSFI, KRSP, KDYL) comes up with another clever advertising gimmick on Halloween - "Arbitron in Cider."


Hans Petersen of KUMT is the emcee for the American Cancer Society's fund-raiser gala event in Ogden. . . . KSOP celebrates its 30th birthday by giving away $30,000 in 30 days. . . . Chere Wood leaves KBZN. Dale Nelson and Michele Morrison become the new morning hosts and the station hires Rob Riesen as the afternoon DJ. KBZN also begins the computerized "Breeze Info Line" and Dale Nelson, station operations director, is featured in "Radio & Records Magazine" for its extensive FAX Network. . . . KVRI's morning show brings back the "Polka Monster." . . . KISN is fined more than $18,000 by the FCC for not hiring more minorities. . . . KUER teams up with TCI Cablevision to encourage the public to donate new and seldom used professional clothing to help at-risk workers. . . . KSL's "Blue Chip Card" returns. . . . KSRR and KMGR begin their continuous Christmas music schedules. . . . KXRK has a benefit concert at Saltair to gather food and clothing for the needy. . . . Hans Peterson, morning DJ, is laid off by KUMT as its parent company, US Radio, makes big cutbacks. Tom Bock also loses his morning show on sister station KMXB. Kelly Monson takes Petersen's place and Peter B. replaces Bock. . . . Joe Redburn returns to KTKK. . . . "Fisher and Todd" on KISN-FM play all-Monkees music on Nov. 30.


KRCL celebrates its 15th anniversary. . . . John Tesh is a studio guest with DJ Corey Lane on KBZN and a phone guest on KISN-FM. The station awards a trip to the Mannheim Steamroller concert in Kentucky. . . . Holiday music abounds on local radio stations. . . . KVRI's community Christmas tree for needy kids goes up in the Fashion Place Mall. . . . KISN-FM hosts a family ice skating party at the Gallivan Center. . . . KSFI sponsors the holiday light display in Sugarhouse Park. . . . KXRK holds a "Locals Home Evening" at the Palace in Provo and raises food for the needy. . . . KKAT combines with Buffs-N-Puffs car wash to help gather food for the needy. . . . KBYU begins new opera season broadcasts. . . . KUER and KUED sponsor their annual Christmas food drive with the Crossroads Urban Center. . . . KLZX and the U.S. Marines team up for the "Toys for Tots" program. . . . When the Utah Food Bank's van is stolen, KKAT steps in and uses its van to collect and deliver more than 1,000 pounds of food to the needy. . . . "Attack of the Killer `Muzak' " on KLZX and "Match Wits with Inspector Sludge" on KKAT are two new morning radio features for listeners. . . . KBER is sold to RadioWest Communications, pending FCC approval. . . . KCNR has seven talk show hosts combining for nine hours straight to discuss the year's hottest topics. . . . Gary and Scotty on KKAT sponsor a weigh-in and eating binge during the holidays to see who can eat the most.