This was a slow week for big radio news - format changes, personnel switches, etc., but the morning DJs still kept things interesting with all their antics and contests. Here are some highlights:

"Gary and Scotty" on KKAT had listeners put battery-powered Christmas gifts to the telephone Tuesday to try and guess what the toys were . . . "Kerry and Bill" on KXRK had another of their segments Tuesday on what really happened in history, this time with the first radio broadcast into outer space. On Wednesday, the DJs had another "X-Poll" on the craziest things listeners have done at midnight to ring in the New Year . . . "Cano and McCormick" on KUTQ have want ad reports from Qualified Personnel Co. most mornings . . ."Jon and Dan" on KLZX continued their unpredictability. They called fellow DJ Tricia Griffith at 7 a.m. Tuesday to wake her up and tell her some gambling news. Then, they called "Judy," one of their listeners who never calls them, to bother her at work and chat. On Wednesday, the DJs had another round of "Just Ask Dan," a report on the terrible year predicted to be ahead for President Clinton, and they asked listeners to let them hear the sounds of their new Christmas presents . . .

Kelly Monson of KUMT led the Fantasy Basketball Celebrity rankings last week . . . KRSP, KBZN and KRSP continued to play lots of music, making it challenging to hear any talk by DJs again this week . . . Todd and Erin on KISN-FM made a vow to keep eating at the usual holiday pace this week to continue to gain weight. On Wednesday, Todd talked about getting a speeding ticket in Heber City recently and took listener calls about speeding excuses . . .

"Mick and Allen" on KBER gave away CDs on Tuesday through a variety of contests. "Chin-Wa" also made another appearance . . . "Grant and Amanda" on KSL went through a top 10 list Tuesday of the strangest questions volunteers at the Visitors Bureau have been asked recently . . . "Country Joe" on KSOP gave away New Year's Eve party tickets. He's also accepting country music talent auditions to take to Nashville. Entry forms are available at his music store in West Valley City . . .

"The Wakeup Club" on KVRI has a new commercial on TV for Hardee's Restaurants. Leeza Gibbons also offers entertainment reports each weekday at about 7:15 a.m. . . . Tom Barberi of KALL, Scott Fisher of KISN-FM and Scott MacNeil of KVRI all took time off the air earlier in the week . . . "KWJJ" offers half-hour segments of "back-to-back better country" each weekday morning.

- KALL (AM-910) and KODJ ("Oldies 94.1") held a blanket drive before the holidays and delivered 627 baby blankets to the state's newest and smallest residents.

The stations started their drive after the University Medical Center put out a call for such blankets. Nurses will use them to keep babies at the hospital warm all through next year. The stations easily surpassed their initial goal of 300 blankets.

- KUER (FM-90.1) invites listeners to ring in the new year with The Capitol Steps at 7 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 31, and with "New Year's Eve Coast-To-Coast" at 8 p.m.

- The station will air "New Year's Day from Vienna 1995" at 11 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 1. At 9 a.m. Monday, Jan. 2, KUER will broadcast the NHK Symphony Orchestra in a special concert from Japan.

- KBYU (FM-89.1) will also air "New Year's Day from Vienna 1995," at 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 1. It will broadcast the NHK Symphony Orchestra in a special concert from Japan, later in the day at 7 p.m.

At 9 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 3, the station will broadcast "Pipe-dreams: An Organist's Yearbook," a wrapup of the 12 previous months.