Some members of Congress apparently believe the lie that communism is dead, and therefore we no longer need to maintain a strong military.

This is foolish and dangerous thinking. Hard-core communism is still very much alive and well in a considerable portion of the world. And socialism, or "economic democracy," as the former Soviet system is now being called, makes up a large percentage of the rest of the globe.Communism's goal is to involve everyone eventually, and many have never waivered from that ideal. We in the United States will always be one of their prime targets because of our wealth, our resources, our success and our freedom.

We maintain a military to defend against any aggression by any faction - present or future, real or potential. Let's not forget that. Eras of peace have never lasted long throughout history. We should not assume our current state of affairs will continue indefinitely. We must remain vigilant, wise and prepared and must strongly denounce communism, socialism and oppression at every turn.

James Carlyle Green