It happened to J.I. Guillotin and Capt. W. Lynch. Now it may be Newt Gingrich's turn to enter the language.

"Gingrich," as in "I've been Gingriched," was picked most utilitarian word of 1994 at the convention of the American Dialect Society, which includes academics and other English aficionados.Those wondering about usage on that one should try altering tone and inflection to convey either support or disgust for the powerful Republican congressman.

Other selections:

- "Sylvanshine," the nighttime irridescence of forest trees, was most beautiful.

- "Guillermo," Spanish for William, was most imaginative. It describes non-English e-mail. (The Spanish diminutive of Guillermo is Memo.)

- "Infobahn," a synonym for information superhighway, was most promising. It defeated "polydoxy," the holding of multiple beliefs.

- "Dress-down day," when workers can wear casual clothes, was trendiest expression.