As the new year approaches, here are a few things couch potatoes should resolve before turning the tube on again:

- I will not pay more attention to the news anchor-women's hair than the news itself.- I will not tell people I only watch PBS, then go home and tune in "Hard Copy" and "A Current Affair."

- I will not complain that there's nothing good on TV, then avoid watching quality shows like "Chicago Hope," "Party of Five" and "My So-Called Life."

- If I'm the type who likes to write letters, I will not simply write letters of complaint about shows I don't like - I will write letters of support about shows I do like.

- I will learn how to program my VCR.

- I will pay attention to what my children watch on TV - and make sure that what they're watching is appropriate to their age group.

- I will spend less time aimlessly flipping through the channels looking for something worth watching.

- I will not believe everything I see on TV.

- I will remember that comedy is comedy, and not take offense easily.

- I will recognize that junk is junk, and if I'm watching junk I'll either turn the channel or turn the TV off.