The Utah Alliance for the Mentally Ill will sponsor the Journey of Hope Family Education Course in Salt Lake City beginning Thursday, Jan. 12, from 7 to 9:30 p.m. at the Cathedral Church of St. Mark, 231 E. 100 South. The course is designed for the families of people who have been diagnosed with serious mental illness.

The 12-week course covers information to help families understand the mental illness that impacts their lives. Disorders to be discussed include schizophrenia and affective disorders (bipolar and major depression). Other topics include coping skills, basic information about medications, listening and communication techniques, recovery and rehabilitation, and self-care regarding worry and stress.The course is not designed for individuals who have a mental illness. Such a course will be presented at a later date.

The course is free of charge to families in need. To register or for more information, call program director Leon Henrichsen, 584-2023.