The first new recording by the former Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic since the band's singer, Kurt Cobain, killed himself more than a year ago is to appear on record store shelves this week.

The name of the group: the Super Stinky Puffs Band. The singer: a 10-year-old named Simon Fair Timony, the son of the musician Jad Fair.The band's four songs were recorded late last year at a festival in Olympia, Wash. and are included on the nine-song CD "A Tiny Smelly Bit of . . . the Stinky Puffs" (Elemental).

On July 4, the Foo Fighters, the Nirvana-like rock band in which Grohl plays guitar and sings, is to release its first album through Capitol Records.

Novoselic is playing guitar (and sometimes drums and bass) in a softer, gentler pop group called Sweet 75 with a singer known as Eva Las Vegas; it does not yet have a recording contract.

And what about Simon Fair Timony's future plans? His next album, "Songs and Advice for Kids Who Have Been Left Behind," will be based on what he felt and learned after losing his friend, Kurt Cobain.

- Neil Strauss