A former southern Utah Scoutmaster will spend a year in the Iron County Jail for attempted aggravated sexual abuse of a child.

Douglas R. Bowen, 47, was sentenced Monday by 5th District Judge Phillip Eves. He pleaded no contest in September to developing a relationship with one of his Scouts that involved touching and kissing, said deputy Iron County attorney Karla Staheli.The relationship never led to sex, but it appeared Bowen was "grooming" the 12-year-old boy for a long-term relationship, Staheli said. The 12-year-old Scout did not have a father and was looking for a strong male adult role model in his life, she said.

Prosecutors made the charges against him "aggravated" because the Scoutmaster was in a position of trust over his victim.

The Boy Scouts routinely check workers' criminal backgrounds, but Bowen had no prior record. He has since been terminated from the Boy Scouts, said Staheli.

The sentence also included 36 months of probation, $744 in restitution, payment for state-mandated counseling and no contact with anyone under 18 years of age without supervision.

In August, former Sandy Scoutmaster Jeffrey Donald Jennings was sentenced to 1-15 years in the Utah State Prison in the molestation of up to 11 boys, several of them Scouts.

And on Dec. 13, former Boy Scouts of America administrator Albert J. Cramer pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of lewdness involving a child. He was charged after two boys told their mother Cramer had touched them inappropriately.