Q. I'm interested in knowing about Mitzi Kapture of the TV show "Silk Stalkings." I saw Mitzi in a TV movie ("Perfect Crime") last summer but have never seen her in anything else. Is she still acting? - M.H., St. Louis, Mo.

A. After five seasons of playing homicide detective Rita Lee Lance on USA's steamy "Silk Stalkings," Kapture left the show in 1996 to have a baby. After taking some family time, she returned to work last year in "Perfect Crime." Now her career is back in full swing. She just starred in the USA original movie "His Bodyguard" and, this fall, she's joining David Hasselhoff and the "Baywatch" cast as Alex Ryker. Kapture is married to singer/songwriter Bradley Kapture. Their daughter, Madison, is 2.Q. After watching WCW Wrestling on TV, I would like to know the ages of Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan. - B., Elkins Park, Pa.

A. According to their official biographies, NWO (New World Order) wrestling star Randy Savage is 45. Hulk Hogan is 45.

Q. What happened to Jamie's sister Lisa on "Mad About You"? - S.E.W., Chesapeake, Va.

A. Anne Ramsay, who left "Mad About You" after the 1997 season, co-starred with Danny Aiello in CBS' "Dellaventura" last season. The show was canceled.

Q. I noticed that one of the sisters of the late River Phoenix had a small part as a paramedic on "ER." Which sister was it - Rain, Liberty or Summer? - Cincinnati Fan

A. Summer, the youngest of the acting Phoenix family, appeared in the 1997 "ER" episode "Ambush." Currently she's on the big screen in "Can't Hardly Wait."

Q. My friend and I have a bet on who played Gidget in the '80s sitcom where Gidget and Moon-doggie are married and their niece (Sydney Penny) lives with them. Did Sally Field continue in the role of Gidget? - J.D., Plano, Texas

A. No way. By the time "The New Gidget" hit the airwaves in 1986, Sally Field had two Oscars ("Norma Rae," "Places in the Heart") to her name and was forever rid of the "Gidget" role she inherited from Sandra Dee in the 1965 TV series. The grown-up Gidget was played by Caryn Richman, who later starred in "The Bradys" as Greg's wife. Field's latest TV role was as an astronaut's wife in Tom Hanks' multi-Emmy nominated miniseries "From the Earth to the Moon."

Q. I heard that Amy Jo Johnson has her own prime-time show this fall. What's the name of the show? Can you give a quick bio of Amy Jo? - J.R., Norwood, Ohio

A. The former Mighty Morphin Power Ranger plays college pal Julie Emrick on the new WB series "Felicity," starring Keri Russell. Until she was 17, Cape Cod native Amy Jo competed all over the world as a gymnast. Once she turned her attention to acting, she landed the job as the Pink Ranger on the kids' show "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." She stayed with the hit show for 21/2 years, then graduated to more adult roles in TV movies ("Killing Griffin," "Perfect Body"). Her latest big-screen work includes "Without Limits" and the independent film "Cold Hearts." Amy Jo's also into music. She's lead singer and guitarist with her own band, Valhalla.