Darva Conger, who married a man on live television she'd never met, has found wedded bliss the second time around.

Conger, a nurse who works in Ventura County, Calif., married a paramedic named Jim six months ago.

"He brought me a patient into the emergency room and six weeks later he proposed and less than a year after that we got married," she said Monday. "Life is much more mellow and happy and good."

Her new husband said he never saw the Fox television show "Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire," where Conger wed comedian Rick Rockwell three years ago. Within weeks, she had the union annulled and said repeatedly that she wanted her privacy back. Later, she posed for Playboy magazine.

Conger still has a Hollywood agent, although she said she only accepts projects that interest her. She'll appear with Evan Marriott of "Joe Millionaire" fame in an episode of "National Lampoon's Funny Money" airing Aug. 10 on the Game Show Network.