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Obituary: Sharon Simon

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1954 ~ 2003

Our dear friend Sharon passed away on Sunday, September 14th after a hard struggle with cancer. Family and friends surrounded her at her sister Cheryl's home in San Luis Obispo. She was 49-years-old.

Sharon was born February 12, 1954 and was raised with her three sisters in California City, CA.

Sharon attended the University of Utah and studied anthropology. She juggled school and various jobs at restaurants and private clubs. Sharon made a distinct impression on everyone she met. She was stylish, smart, and funny. She had an amazing memory and could remember personal things about people she had briefly met. She embraced life in both the trivial and the profound. Always on the go, she managed to live a lot of life in a short amount of time. In 1988 she married Richard Prospero, and in 1989 gave birth to twins Dominick and Madeleine Prospero. She and Richard later divorced. She loved her children and was so proud of their accomplishments and successes. Sharon moved with her children to California in 1996 to be closer to her family. In 1998 Sharon married her college sweetheart, Dale Rosen, and they lived in Alameda, CA. She thoroughly enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom. She loved living so close to San Francisco and took advantage of every opportunity offered there.

Sharon and her sister Cheryl came to Salt Lake during the Olympics in 2002, after her original lumpectomy and an aggressive course of chemotherapy. She was happy to be finished with the chemo, and she celebrated this by wearing fabulous hats, scarves, and a wild red wig to conceal her bald head. Earlier this year, another tumor was removed and she undertook more chemotherapy. No new treatment was successful, and she spent the time she had left being cared for by her children, her husband, her family, and close friends.

Sharon kept her sense of humor to the end and believed she had been blessed with a tremendous life.

Her children, Madeleine and Dominick Prospero; her husband, Dale Rosen; her sisters, Barbara, Cheryl, and Debbie; and her mother and stepfather June and Bob Kateley survive her. Memorial services planned at a later date.