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UTOPIA responds to Qwest lawsuit

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A municipally owned telecommunications company has responded to a lawsuit filed by a private competitor.

The Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency, more commonly known as UTOPIA, filed its responses to claims made in U.S. District Court by Qwest Communications on Thursday. The response includes 16 defenses against the allegations made by Qwest in regards to things such as construction problems and discrimination allegations, according to a UTOPIA news release.

The response details how UTOPIA is operating under the same agreements that Qwest has with cities and that it uses the same subcontractors, and that there is no relief that can be granted for the claims Qwest makes in their lawsuit. It asks for the lawsuit to be dismissed and for attorney fees.

"UTOPIA continues to follow industry standards and to carefully observe all federal and state laws in a complicated industry," UTOPIA's executive director Paul Morris said.