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Elder Marlin K. Jensen

Quorums of the Seventy

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"Remembering, the way God intends, is a fundamental and saving principle of the gospel."

"This is so because prophetic admonitions to remember are frequently calls to action: to listen, to see, to do, to obey, to repent."

The history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its people "deserves our remembrance. The scriptures give the church's history high priority. In fact, much of scripture is church history."

"We keep records to help us remember." On April 6, 1830, the Lord commanded Joseph Smith, "Behold, there shall be a record kept among you."

"This extraordinary historical record reminds us that God has again opened the heavens and revealed truths that call our generation to action."

"No one has greater appreciation for the value of the church's history than President Gordon B. Hinckley."

"Because of his teachings, we understand that remembering enables us to see God's hands in our past, just as prophecy and faith assure us of God's hand in our future. ... By keeping our past alive, he connects us to the people, places and events that make up our spiritual heritage ..."