LOGAN, Utah - Former Utah State men's basketball player Gary Wilkinson finished off an MVP season last year, and helped the Aggies win the WAC regular season and tournament championship and reach the NCAA tournament.

During his two years at Utah State, Wilkinson averaged 15.2 points and 6.9 rebounds per game, while shooting 58.2 percent from the field and 82.1 percent from the free throw line in 70 total games played. The Aggies won the WAC regular season title both years he was at Utah State.

Following his collegiate career, Wilkinson began his professional career in South Korea, but is now playing for the Greek team Peristeri.

Last week, Wilkinson took a few minutes to answer some questions from his home in Athens, Greece.

Question: What have you been up to since you finished playing basketball at Utah State?

Answer: To be honest I have not stopped playing basketball. After the season ended last year I went to Portsmouth to play in an invitational tournament for seniors and two days after graduation I went to Las Vegas to train for six weeks, while going to workouts with NBA teams. I played with the Jazz in summer league for 10 days. After summer league I was in Dallas for another tryout then it was back to Vegas for the Korean draft.

Question: How does playing basketball where you=B9re at now, compare to basketball at Utah State?

Answer: The organization and structure are not the same at all. And the coaching is not at the level that it was at Utah State.

What is it like living in Greece? Greece is amazing! Thousands of years of history 20 minutes away, and the weather is unbelievable. I could stay here a long time.

Question: What types of players are playing in Greece now? Are there a lot of different cultures, races, etc.?

Answer: You are only allowed three Americans per team and the rest either have to have a European passport or have to be Greek to play. There are a lot of people from all over Europe and the U.S.

Question: What is it like playing with fellow former Aggie great Spencer Nelson?

Answer: Spencer is a great guy. He has been over here a while so he knows the ropes and has helped Jessica and I adjust to the culture and style of basketball. (Which I am still adjusting to). Britton Johnsen from Utah is also over here, so it has been good to have friends to do stuff with when we have time.

Question: Do you talk about your playing days at USU?

Answer: Of course, it was so recent that I have nothing else to compare anything to...

Question: Do you follow the current Utah State squad? And do you get to watch them on TV or internet?

Answer: I do follow every game. I have listened to a few over the internet but the time difference makes it difficult. Go Aggies!

Question: Do you keep up with former teammates and coaches?

Answer: How often? I try to call teammates and coaches a couple times a month to update them and see how things are going on their end.

Question: What do you think of this year's USU team? What can they improve on and what do they do well?

Answer: I think this year's team is great and they have all the components to be a WAC Championship team. It is hard to say what they could be doing better because I am not in the locker room, but from where I stand they are doing great.

Question: Do you get to come back to Logan often?

Answer: I bought a house in Logan so every time I come home from the season I will be in Logan.

Question: What is your favorite memory from playing at Utah State? Do you have a favorite game?

Answer: Our whole season last year was a great memory. Beating Nevada on their home court to win the WAC Tournament was pretty sweet.

Question: What are your future plans?

Answer: I am going to play basketball as long as I can and then come back and go to law school.