PROVO, Utah — BYU remains the nation's bastion of college sobriety, according to the Princeton Review, which has named BYU the nation's top "stone-cold sober" school for the 16th year running.

BYU has topped ranking every year since the Princeton Review introduced the title in 1997, an undefeated record the school claims with pride.

Students who come to BYU are drawn to the standards their fellow students pledge to live by, standards that include abstaining from alcohol, BYU spokesman Todd Hollingshead said.

"It's something that our students really embrace," he said.

Fortunately, Hollingshead said, the school's celebratory drink of choice — chocolate milk — is widely available for those students who might like to recognize the honor.

Wheaton College, located in Illinois, took second place in the sobriety ranking. The University of Iowa topped the list for party schools, despite the school's attempts to reduce binge and underage drinking on campus.