TV legend Ann B. Davis, known for her role as Alice in "The Brady Bunch," died Sunday morning after falling in her Texas home.

As soon as news began to spread of her passing, social media began to light up with remorse and thoughts of gratitude for the role Davis played in many people's lives through her popular character.

While "The Brady Bunch" has been criticized for its cliche situations and unrelatable settings as a family of six with a maid, many still found comfort in the genuine role Davis played.

"It’s the great unspoken truth of 'The Brady Bunch,' particularly in retrospect: Ann B. Davis was the better mother," wrote Hank Stuever with the Washington Post.

"What a wonderful person to have around anyhow, if only on TV, just in case we felt alone."

After completing 117 episodes of "The Brady Bunch," Davis continued to speak positively of the experience and of the character she helped create.

"I would have died for any single one of them," Davis said in an interview with

"All of us wish we had an Alice," Davis told People in 1992. "I wish I had an Alice."

In memory of Davis, here are five family lessons learned from Alice on "The Brady Bunch."

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