David Archuleta wrote a Dr. Seuss-like poem on Instagram today wishing his younger sister, Jazzy Archuleta, a happy birthday.

In the post, David Archuelta included a video of his sister returning home from her LDS mission in Houston, Texas, in May 2017. The clip shows Jazzy Archuleta as she comes down the escalator and rushes to greet her family. She hugs her mom and the two end up falling on a little girl.

"She got back from her mission this year, and as you can see she toppled over little children dear," Archuleta said of the incident in his poem.

David Archuleta also expressed his gratitude for his little sister during the post.

“I'm grateful for this insightful and easy-to-talk-to sister of mine,” he said. “She radiates and her smile certainly shines. I hope you enjoyed my poem. Wish Jazzy a happy birthday everyone!”