Danny Chau of The Ringer wrote a piece this week praising the Utah Jazz for an excellent 2016-17 campaign.

Chau wrote, "The Jazz, from start to finish, were one of the most interesting teams of the season, consistently exceeding expectations, and helped shape and define a leaguewide campaign we’ll remember for years to come. They’ve become the model for how quickly a team can ascend from the dregs of the league to get a seat at the table among the elites."

He did, however, caution that this summer could be painful for Jazz fans.

"It’s strange to think that, with all the moving parts in the summer, this season could sublimate into nothing more than a fever dream in a few months."

Three storylines for the Jazz offseason

According to Danny Leroux of SI.com, there are three main storylines for the Jazz this offseason: the free agency of Gordon Hayward, the free agency of George Hill and the free agency of Joe Ingles.

On the "pressure scale", the Jazz score a terrifying 10. Leroux wrote, " The Jazz are on a windy mountain road without a guardrail. If Hayward and Hill return, they could be a serious contender in the West if they can get their best players healthy at the same time. If either leaves, it will be exceedingly hard to replace them and that departure could make it more likely for the other to head elsewhere, too."

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