Many of the most influential inventions of our time are American made.

MidAmerica Nazarene University looked into every state’s most important invention, ranging from the iPhone to the kayak to the taser.

In Utah, the electric traffic light topped the list. Lester Farnsworth Wire developed it in 1912, according to the university.

“Some inventions prove to be revolutionary because they change society in a profound way. These inventions are so integral to our modern lives that we can barely think of a time before these products, let alone a reason why we’d ever return to the days before such inventions,” according to the university.

Other impactful inventions include Eli Whitney’s cotton gin and the tractor. California’s top invention included the iPhone, while the heart monitor led the way in Montana, according to the school’s infographic.

Utah’s well-known for top inventions. Utahn Philo T. Farnsworth created the television, while Frank J. Zamboni created the ice-cleaning and smoothing Zamboni machine. Another top invention known to every Utah resident is fry sauce.

The MidAmerica Nazarene University list said that entrepreneurship often inspires inventing in a state.

Utah led the nation as best states for business and entrepreneurship in a CNBC list. The rankings weighed frequency of economic development, cost of doing business and the cost of living, CNBC reported.

Late last year, Utah also topped Forbes’ 11th annual Best State for Business, winning the title for the third straight year.

Utah was ranked because of its high growth aspects and the amount of new businesses that open every year.

“The state is home to a handful of 'unicorns' like Domo Technologies,, Pluralsight and Qualtrics. These privately held firms, which boast VC investments that value the companies at more than $1 billion, can count on a deep pool of young, educated employees from schools like Brigham Young University and the University of Utah,” according to Forbes.