Although we love our dads year-round, Father’s Day presents a perfect occasion to post about them on social media. Silly dads, inspiring dads and spiritual dads populated the LDS social media feed this week — here are some of our favorites.

Lindsey Stirling tweeted a Father’s Day drawing of her and her dad early Monday morning, commemorating her father, who died in January 2017 from cancer. Stirling previously lost one of her best friends to lymphoma, the Deseret News reported last year.

“Sometimes when you least expect it, life changes and life hits you,” Stirling said in the article. “This fall, I just had some things that I went through that really reminded me that none of this matters — no money, no amount of fame. What’s important is the people around me.”

My dad passed away early this morning. There is nothing to say that could express my gratitude for this amazing, selfless man. But I love you daddy. I'm the woman I am today because of you.

Posted by <a href="">Lindsey Stirling</a> on <a href="">Tuesday, January 24, 2017</a>

Stirling also posted this tribute to her father after his death:

Singer and songwriter Madilyn Paige from Provo, Utah, was a contestant in season 6 of “The Voice” and has since released an album with Deseret Book. Paige tweeted a playful shout-out to her father on Sunday.

Bri Ray was on the final season of “American Idol,” making it to the third round of Hollywood Week before she was eliminated, reported the Deseret News. Since then, Ray has started an anti-bullying program and spoken to thousands of students in school assemblies, the article said. The photo of Ray and her father was tweeted from Lindon, Utah.

Jimmy Osmond tweeted a recent blog post honoring his “wonderful father, George Osmond,” who died in 2007, saying he looks forward to being reunited with him in heaven.

Jimmy's siblings, Donny and Marie also paid tribute to their father.

Donny Osmond tweeted several photos of his “first and greatest hero” with a quote from Jim Valvano: “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: he believed in me."

Marie Osmond expressed gratitude for her father and her husband for being wonderful fathers in her life.

Three generations grace Nathan Pacheco’s tweet on Father’s Day, showing family photos of his dad and his son.

The Five Strings tweeted a thank you to their father for his love and support through all their endeavors.

In a wedding photo of her and her dad, country artist and singer Maddie Wilson said her father is one of her heroes.

From the music group the Gardiner Sisters, Allie Gardiner thanked all men for the love and protection they give her.

Sistas in Zion tweeted an LDS thought for the holiday, saying good fathers live the gospel.

Al Fox Carraway posted a video for Father’s Day, a tribute to not only stay-at-home dads, but dads who care.

Carraway also tweeted a photo of her son in a candid moment with his grandfather.

Hailey Devine, an LDS YouTuber, posted the video below on Twitter to honor her husband, Brad Devine.

The night before Father’s Day, David Archuleta tweeted a photo of his dad and his grandfather, who were able to come to Archuleta’s show that weekend.