It was kind of love at first sight: From the moment she walked into Sagewood at Daybreak almost three years ago, Lindsey Wright knew she was destined to return. The young mother didn’t know what she was going to do there, or what position she would ultimately hold, but she knew one thing for sure. When her kids were old enough for her to go back to work full-time, she wanted to work at Sagewood.

Two years later she made it happen. In November 2018 she started in her brand-new role as a wellness assistant at Sagewood and, now that she’s worked there for nearly a year, she loves it even more.

“What I really love about Sagewood is the atmosphere,” says Lindsey. “We really have great relationships here.”

Lindsey says those relationships extend beyond what you would normally find in a workplace, because Sagewood is more like a family than just another place to work. That works well for Lindsey, who lost all her grandparents when she was young, so she never got the chance to develop close relationships with them. She says she really cherishes the opportunity to get to know the residents and hear their amazing stories.

“We have one resident who was in the FBI and speaks several languages,” says Lindsey. “Another resident went skydiving for her 70th birthday and loved it so much, she went again.”

Sagewood at Daybreak

With four young children at home, the youngest being only two at the time, it was a challenge for Lindsey to return to work on a full-time basis. She worried about sharing her time and finding a balance between work and home, but because Sagewood is so different, it hasn’t been a problem for her.

“My kids come here often, and they know the residents,” says Lindsey. “I mean, they have 180 grandparents they get to visit.”

Executive director Wade Vest says that’s what makes Sagewood so different: the relationships — amongst the team, between the team and the residents, and the relationship the team has with the families of the residents.

“We have a great time together. We laugh a lot,” says Wade. “We work hard together, we cry a lot. It’s all the good times and the bad times that make us a family. That’s what really makes a difference.” 

That family feeling brings a shared sense of comfort to the team, the residents, and their families. You can feel it when you step through the door: Sagewood doesn’t have the stereotypical atmosphere that’s often associated with senior living communities.

“There’s a comforting feeling,” Lindsey says. “It feels like home.”

Have you ever considered what life is like at a senior living community? Stop by Sagewood at Daybreak and you can meet Lindsey and the team to learn more about the community. You can also join Sagewood on October 9 for an Open House.