Boston Dynamics, an American engineering and robotics design company, uploaded a new video on Monday that quickly went viral across the internet.

The video shows two dog-like robots, called the SpotMini, walking around and opening doors. Though that idea is nothing new for these robots, Monday’s video showed one of the robots open a door for his friend.

As The Verge described it, “we see the new SpotMini locate, recognize, and deftly operate a door handle, and then hold the door to let its arm-less sibling march through.”

Watch the video below.

Social media reacted in mock terror at the robotic creatures after the video, which has more than 1.1 million views after just one day online and started to trend worldwide.

Others had a more positive reaction.

Though this may terrify some, The Verge said: “There is obvious value in one that is dexterous enough to navigate complex situations like operating a door handle.”

Boston Dynamics released a similar video back in November in which the dog-like robot washed dishes.

Similar robots, like the Atlas model from Boston Dynamics, have demonstrated opening doors in the past.