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Utah musician charged with sexually abusing woman

The Utah Senate Judicial Confirmation Committee is seeking public comment on Linda Jones, Patrick Corum and Amber Mettler, who were appointed by Gov. Herbert last week to fill vacancies on the 3rd District Court.
A local musician has been charged with multiple felonies accusing him of forcing a woman to perform sex acts.
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CENTERVILLE — A local musician has been charged with multiple felonies accusing him of forcing a woman to perform sex acts.

James Matthew Cheshire, 30, of Murray, was charged Wednesday in 2nd District Court with three counts of forcible sodomy, a first-degree felony; and four counts of forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony.

Cheshire met his alleged victim on an LDS dating app called Mutual and on Jan. 22, he exchanged several text messages with the woman, according to charging documents and a search warrant affidavit.

"In the conversation, Matt indicated that he was interested in sexual activity, and (the woman) made it clear that she was not," according to the warrant. "She said she wanted 'no physical,' and did not even want to kiss the first time they met."

"She indicated she wanted to save that for marriage," the affidavit states.

The woman eventually gave Cheshire her address and he went to her Centerville residence. While the two were sitting on a couch, Cheshire began kissing the woman and then sexually assaulted her, despite the woman repeatedly saying, "No" and "Stop," according to charging documents.

The woman temporarily got Cheshire to stop when "the victim lied to him and told him her children were awake upstairs. The victim went upstairs where she made a noise to make it sound like she was checking on her children," the charges state.

However, when the woman returned, police say Cheshire continued to sexually assault her despite being told to stop.

“I think you like to be forced," Cheshire told her, according to the charges.

"After the incident the defendant told the victim, 'Please tell me that wasn’t one-sided. I think that was one-sided.' The victim did not reply. The defendant then told the victim that this incident was going to ruin him professionally," charging documents say.

Cheshire also goes by the name Jimmie Chesh, a singer-songwriter who has released an EP. He was arrested Jan. 31.

"Matt said that afterward he felt like a predator, and felt remorse that he had not been able to control himself or stop himself before it got to that point," the arresting officer wrote in the warrant.