Mormon missionaries in Texas are sharing the gospel with a new video, and Lindsey Stirling was in the spotlight this week for an NBA halftime performance. This week’s Mormon Mentions also includes a new video by LDS Youth and Facebook posts welcoming the new Young Women General Presidency.

Missionaries from the Texas San Antonio Mission created a #WHYLDS video of members and missionaries sharing their conversion stories and the blessings they’ve gained from having the gospel in their lives. “I don’t want any of that old life back,” one man says in the video. “I don’t need any of it. What I want is I want a good life.”

Lindsey Stirling performed at the Clippers vs. Lakers halftime show on Wednesday. The Clippers’ Twitter account publicly thanked her: “Thank you @LindseyStirling for making our last halftime of the season a memorable one.”

Alex Boye and Dixie State University were mentioned in a tweet from "The Greatest Showman" Twitter account for their “extraordinary rendition” of “A Million Dreams.” To see the video, check out last week’s Mormon Mentions.

Utah singer-songwriters Cherie Call and Lyndy Butler recently made a video for a song called “There for You” next to Brigham Young’s desk in Utah’s oldest existing government building for NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest. As one of the top six performances from the year, Call and Butler’s video made the cut as a nominee for best desk. Voting is now closed, but results will be posted soon.

In the same way we must practice consistently to develop talents in music, sports or academics, we must also be consistent in spiritual habits to strengthen our foundation of faith, a new video by LDS Youth teaches. Elder Quentin L. Cook talks about the importance of being diligent in the gospel so we can be prepared when trials and adversity come.

The Facebook page of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Central America shared a video of reactions by members of the church to the announcement of a temple in Managua, Nicaragua. The video is in Spanish.

The Twitter account of Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf encouraged his followers to turn their souls toward the light of the gospel. “Begin your own wonderful journey home. Your life will be better, happier, and more purposeful,” he promised.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s Facebook page posted about the changes in the General Young Women Presidency that took place at general conference earlier this month. He welcomed the new presidency and said, “They will be a great blessing to young women all over the world.”

Many changes transpired during general conference last weekend, including the release of the General Young Women...

Posted by <a href="">Jeffrey R Holland</a> on <a href="">Sunday, April 8, 2018</a>

The Facebook account of Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, the new Young Women General President, posted about the love she feels for the young women whom she will serve. “I want you, my dear young sisters, to know that I love you! You have always held a special place in my heart, and I’m thrilled to be involved in this work!” she wrote.

I am so excited and humbled to be called as the new Young Women General President. I want you, my dear young sisters, to...

Posted by <a href="">Bonnie H. Cordon</a> on <a href="">Friday, April 6, 2018</a>

Sister Michelle D. Craig’s Facebook page shared her thoughts about her new calling as first counselor in the Young Women general presidency. She also shared a message of hope and encouragement for young women: “Knowing who you are, and whose you are, will be a game-changer. I can’t wait to see all you will do in the future as you continue to stand as witnesses of Jesus Christ!”

Although I feel overwhelmed with this new calling, I have such love for you, dear amazing young women, and I love the...

Posted by <a href="">Michelle D. Craig</a> on <a href="">Saturday, April 7, 2018</a>

The Facebook page of Sister Becky Craven, the second counselor in the Young Women general presidency, shared the excitement she feels about her new calling. “To be able to serve young women throughout the world is a wonderful opportunity,” she said. “I can’t wait to see your faces, to get to know you, and to love you even more than I already do.”

Hello, my sweet young women sisters! I am grandly overwhelmed at my new calling, but at the same time I am very excited!...

Posted by <a href="">Becky Craven</a> on <a href="">Saturday, April 7, 2018</a>

Elder Gary E. Stevenson’s Facebook page shared an experience he had while meeting with missionaries in the Vietnam Hanoi Mission. Though the power had gone out in the meetinghouse and they were forced to talk in the dark, they “felt every element of the Spirit.” He learned the Spirit can be our constant companion no matter the circumstance. “If you stay close to the Spirit, the Spirit will stay close to you,” he wrote.

As I met with the missionaries of the Vietnam Hanoi Mission, I had an experience I haven’t had in any of my previous...

Posted by <a href="">Gary E. Stevenson</a> on <a href="">Friday, April 6, 2018</a>

The Facebook account of Elder Quentin L. Cook shared a message about the unity and equality he finds in the temple. “Everyone is dressed in white clothing,” he said. “There is no evidence of wealth, rank, or educational attainment; we are all brothers and sisters humbling ourselves before God.”

The Savior has taught that we must all be united and equal. The temple is built upon this premise. I would expect that...

Posted by <a href="">Quentin L Cook</a> on <a href="">Sunday, April 8, 2018</a>