This week’s UTubers roundup features a new song from James The Mormon and a BYUtv "Studio C" video about how hate between two Justice League superheroes turns into friendship.

James The Mormon “puts on for his entire state of Utah” with his new video “Buck Wild,” BET said in an article last week. Fellow Salt Lake City rappers join James The Mormon in the ring for a video he hopes will showcase Utah’s talent, unify the state’s hip-hop scene and “(show) that things like religion and race, what you look like or how you choose to live, doesn’t have to segregate a people," he told BET. Watch “Buck Wild” below.

Batman is about to defeat Superman in this “Studio C” sketch when, suddenly, the two Justice League characters discover they have a few things in common and become unlikely allies. Similar music tastes and the same horoscope are two of several commonalities that turn these enemies into “best friends forever.”

This next “Studio C” video features an 11-year-old boy named Collin who created his own podcast. In this episode, he gives a man advice on how to get the attention of a girl he has a crush on. “Just eat all of your feelings of love for her until she can’t not notice you,” Collin says.

Simply Three released a violin/cello/bass cover of “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. The video was filmed in St. Mary’s Basilica in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mormon Channel released a new video in the series “Gospel Solutions for Families” about trusting in the Lord’s will and timing. One woman, Lisa, talks about how her fairy tale of marriage and family didn’t come until much later in her life. She learned how to move forward and be happy with her situation.

“Our Heavenly Father knows us, and looking back now, 55 years, how many times in my life that I believe the Lord knew better than I did. If we can have an eternal perspective … what we’re going through now is a small part of what Heavenly Father has in store for each one of us,” Lisa says in the video.’s “How To” YouTube channel is releasing videos from a new series about choosing the right career path. In this video, one man shares his experience of finding an apprenticeship to be an electrician after realizing college wasn’t for him. “Now I’m on the path to better work and self-reliance,” he says in the video.