SALT LAKE CITY — Last week, YouTubers with Utah ties shined by putting their own twists on well-known songs, including music from singer Jason Mraz, the musical “Dear Evan Hansen” and the Disney movie “Coco.”

Evie Clair

Last week, former “America’s Got Talent” contestant Evie Clair posted a cover of “Have it All” by Jason Mraz. Clair sang alongside Josh Mortensen, a 15-year-old singer based on Gilbert, Arizona, according to his YouTube channel.

According to the video description, the cover was recorded live by “American Idol” finalist Shaun Barrowes.

Working With Lemons

The popular, Utah-based channel Working With Lemons has branched out from Disney-themed covers recently, instead posting covers from popular musicals. The channel has dedicated the last few months to a series of videos covering the songs from “Hamilton.”

Last weekend, Working With Lemons posted “Waving Through a Window,” a ballad from the Tony Award-winning musical “Dear Evan Hansen.” The channel used the video as a platform to raise awareness for suicide prevention.

“If you’re human, you’ve probably felt alone before or felt like nobody notices you,” the singer said at the end of the video.

“But regardless of how you’re feeling, you matter,” another actor added. “You could be that person who reaches out and makes the difference in somebody else’s life.”

Scott & Ryceejo

Scott & Ryceejo posted a mashup of two beloved Disney songs, “Remember Me” from Coco and “You’ll Be In My Heart” from Tarzan. To perform the mashup, the couple teamed up with another husband and wife duo, The Fox + The Hound.

According to the video description, the mashup is featured on Scott & Ryceejo’s album, “Disney Mashups Vol. 1.”

Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens posted what he called the most fun and cute video he’s ever created. The video is an a cappella cover of the folk song “The Fox” and features Hollens’ son, Ashland, as the cutest fox you’ve ever seen.