To give you an idea of just how down-to-earth David Archuleta is, here’s an example. Partway through our interview, the pop singer and “American Idol” runner-up apologized for responding to a text message.

What was the message? All three of the new singles from his Christmas album, released that morning, had made it into the top 20 of iTunes’ holiday songs chart.

“I need to put my phone on silent,” he said, as he continued to receive excited messages from members of his team.

It was a big day for Archuleta. Not only was the deluxe edition of his Christmas album, “Winter in the Air,” released on Thursday with its three new chart-topping singles, but he also released the music video he filmed with Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick, formerly of the band NSYNC, and he’s prepping for his Christmas tour, which kicks off in Richfield, Utah on November 23.

Archuleta was upbeat about all of these projects, while also self-deprecating. He said he is looking forward to doing a Christmas tour because the people who come to the shows “don’t even have to be David Archuleta fans, they just have to like Christmas music and can come in and enjoy the show.”

The month-long tour will include several stops in Utah, including a performance at the Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake City on November 30. Though Archuleta has been living in Nashville, Tennessee, for several years, he said that he enjoys coming back to Utah because the performances have a “hometown” feel.

“There’s always a different vibe when it’s a hometown crowd,” he explained.

Archuleta was still a teenager when he left his hometown of Murray, Utah, to perform on the singing competition “American Idol” in 2008. Though he came in second place to David Cook, “American Idol” gave Archuleta a fanbase and launched his music career.

Looking back on his experience over 10 years later, Archuleta admitted that “it’s kind of weird” to think of the ways his life has changed since then.

“I’ve entered a world I never thought I would — I’ve got to rub shoulders with a lot of new people, other artists, and to be recognized by them as well.”

But according to Archuleta, all of this experience has helped him to shift his perspective.

“It’s exciting to have that recognition and attention,” Archuleta said, explaining that his time on the show “brought that into perspective, too, that that’s really not what it’s all about. Even though it can be convincing at first that it is.”

These days, Archuleta says creating music is just as much for himself as it is about pleasing fans.

“I can’t only do this for other people, otherwise I would be left feeling very worn out and used up,” Archuleta explained. “I need to allow myself to do this for me as well. Otherwise, it’s not really worthwhile.”

Archuleta is already at work on his next musical project, which he says will be finished in early 2020. In the meantime, though, he’s looking forward to his Christmas tour.

“Christmas music is just a very joyful music,” he explained, adding that fans can come to the show and “sing along and have a fun time, and it gets people excited for the holidays.”