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Whether it's for work, church or events, chances are high that most Utah men have a few dress shirts tucked away in the closet. For those men who wear their white shirts more often than not, there’s a good chance you’ve been frustrated with stains, wrinkles and your shirt coming untucked.

Men have been dealing with these problems for more than a century, according to &Collar. When these shirts first became a fashion staple, only those individuals who had wealth would wear them because they had the resources to have the shirts cleaned as often as they needed to stay white.

Since most men now prefer not to dry clean their shirts too often, there are a few tricks to try that help with common problems.

Avoiding stains

It doesn’t matter how careful you are on your date, work lunch, or client meeting, the dumpling will splatter soy sauce as it slips from your chopsticks, or your pen ink will leak through your pocket. It’s Murphy’s Law. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong. While it’s difficult to avoid stains, it’s perfectly reasonable to get them out of a white dress shirt.

The Art of Manliness recommends dabbing the stain with detergent or vinegar diluted in water before washing it on the hottest water recommended for the fabric. But if you’re on the go and can’t get home to take care of it, keeping a stain stick handy will prevent the stain from setting in.

If you’re the type of guy who will spill regardless of how careful you are, maybe an unstainable dress shirt is a good option for you.

Getting rid of wrinkles

Nothing says “I’m not prepared” more than showing up to work in a wrinkled shirt. Pulling out the ironing board and heating the iron up can be a lot of work in the morning, especially if you hit the snooze button one too many times. There happen to be some expert tricks to make your shirt look sharp without actually ironing it.

Some people will put their dress shirts or other clothing items in the dryer with either an ice cube or a damp cloth. That water source will start to steam, creating the perfect environment to smooth out any wrinkles. Within 10 minutes you should have a shirt ready for work.

If you’re traveling and don’t have the luxury of a dryer, hang your shirt up in a bathroom, turn the shower on the hottest setting, and leave it to steam the wrinkles out. If all of that is still too high-maintenance for your mornings, just get a few wrinkle-resistant dress shirts.

Keeping your shirt tucked in

No one likes the ducktail that forms after you lean forward and the back of your dress shirt comes untucked, or when you reach for something up high and the sides come out. It always ends with you readjusting your pants and trying to re-tuck your shirt without drawing attention to yourself.

To avoid this awkward adjustment, consider tucking, pinning, or taping your shirt to your underwear or shapewear. There are also elastic shirt stays, which are similar to elastic belts that keep your shirt tight to your waist. While effective, these stays can often be uncomfortable, so be sure to try one on before purchasing.

Finally, consider a performance dress shirt with four-way stretch so your shirt can move with your reach. It doesn’t involve any pins or accessories to stay in place, making your morning — and bathroom breaks — much easier.

No matter what happens throughout your day, looking and feeling put together is an important part of being successful. Make sure your white shirt is a reflection of how you feel.

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