SALT LAKE CITY — A civil rights lawsuit that alleged a Davis School District bus driver bullied and assaulted a biracial middle school student, trapping his backpack in a bus door and dragging him about 175 feet outside the bus, has been settled for $62,500.

According to federal court records, the minor child D.M. will receive $21,250 to be placed in a trust account.

The settlement order issued by U.S. District Court Judge Clark Waddoups authorizes the plaintiff's attorneys, Sykes McAllister Law Offices, to withhold $41,250 for hourly attorneys’ fees and costs.

According to court records, hourly fees incurred by the firm were nearly $47,100 but the attorneys agreed to reduce them nearly $5,850.

The school district had no comment on the settlement.

"We take these matters very seriously and do everything we can to protect students," said spokeswoman Shauna Lund.

The lawsuit said parents lodged multiple complaints with the school district about the bus driver's conduct toward biracial children. The lawsuit alleged the driver's conduct was driven by "racial animus."

On Feb. 4, the driver allegedly closed the bus door on Brenda Mayes' son's backpack as he attempted to exit at West Point Junior High, trapping his backpack inside the bus with his body dangling outside of it, the complaint states.

"(The driver) then drove about 175 feet with Child Doe helplessly pinned to the outside of the door, near the wheel, and in mortal danger. (The driver) did this because of his animus toward persons of mixed race," the complaint states.

Had the school district acted on previous complaints against the driver, "this wouldn't have happened," Mayes said during a press conference when the lawsuit was filed in May.

According to the lawsuit, prior complaints centered on incidents that occurred as the driver delivered students to and from West Point Elementary and West Point Junior High School. They included closing the doors on two biracial elementary students - one of whom was Mayes' younger son — and taking no action when a sixth-grade boy who is white physically assaulted a biracial third-grade girl on the bus.

"(The bus driver) pulled the bus to the side of the road several times on the route home while he berated the students calling them names, such as stupid idiots," the complaint states.

It continues: "On Oct. 23, 2017, (Davis School District) was notified by one or more parents that (the driver) had pulled off to the side of the road on his afternoon route, refusing to take the students to their assigned stops. Many concerned parents had to drive to this location to pick up their children who had been waiting approximately 30 minutes."

The driver is no longer an employee of the school district, officials confirmed in an earlier interview.