Harold Simons is a modest man. He is careful to point out that he’s not the poster boy for physical fitness and he’s not aiming to become a body builder; he simply wants to maintain a healthy body composition. Nevertheless, at 89, he works out far more than many people half his age.

Harold and Dolores, his wife of 64 years, moved to Sagewood at Daybreak in October 2018. The community’s emphasis on physical fitness was a key factor in the couple choosing Sagewood as their new home.

“Before coming here, both Dolores and I were involved in a fitness program, called Fit and Fall Proof, offered by the local hospital,” said Harold. “I had that kind of experience and I valued it.”

Harold works out most days of the week for about an hour per day. He says, for him, working out consists of two components: attending classes and the availability of individual fitness equipment. He’s involved in three or four different fitness classes at Sagewood. Each class is 30 minutes long and offered twice per week.

He says the classes offer more than just physical improvement, they also offer something just as important: social connection.

“In addition to the physical improvements offered by the classes, there’s also an association with others — a social aspect,” Harold says. “That’s an appeal to me.”

Courtesy of Sagewood at Daybreak

When he’s not taking classes, Harold takes advantage of the hydraulic weight lifting machines available in Sagewood’s fitness room. There are four specific machines he uses to strengthen his upper and lower body. Behind the fitness equipment is a cheerful white wall etched with positive, affirming words, such as “strength” and “fitness.”

Harold is happy that the fitness instructors regularly emphasize the non-competitive nature of the classes, “If somebody couldn’t lift much weight, they might be intimidated if they thought it was a competitive type of gym,” says Harold. The fitness room has multiple chairs available, so everyone can participate.

Harold says both independent and assisted living residents participate in the fitness classes and he enjoys the inclusivity they offer.

“There’s one fellow who’s confined to a wheelchair and he’s an active Zumba participant,” says Harold.

If you are interested in a senior living community that emphasizes physical fitness and wellness, stop by and meet residents like Harold, and take a look at the amenities offered by Sagewood at Daybreak. Visit lifeatsagewood.com or call 801.806.0636 for more information.