For Jonathan Tate, the wellness director at Sagewood, the worst possible insult he can receive from one of the community’s residents is, “I’m bored.” Fortunately, that’s something he never hears, because Sagewood offers endless enrichment opportunities that support residents’ mental and physical health.

An average day could start off with a morning yoga class and a leisurely stroll in the garden courtyards. Afterwards, those who are seeking outside activities might take a trip to Daybreak’s popular shops and eateries, which are conveniently located right next door. The rest of the day might involve an indoor swimming session, a restaurant-quality meal, a therapeutic massage or even just a cozy group movie night. 

Of course, the Sagewood wellness team has had to make some adjustments to keep the community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, Jonathan and his crew, with their collective backgrounds and certifications in exercise science, gerontology and health promotion, have found innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the moment.

First, they continue to emphasize the importance of regular exercise. Tate, along with wellness assistant Megan Barfoot, creates workout videos that feature line dancing, boxing, Zumba and strength training that the seniors can use as fitness guides in the comfort of their own living spaces.

“Exercising safely can be difficult for people later in life, so we design programs that are appropriate for people who have all types of health conditions,” Tate explains. 

Photo courtesy of Sagewood at Daybreak

Additionally, Jonathan and Megan find multiple ways for the group to socialize. They celebrate all kinds of holidays—even obscure ones like Bastille Day—with costumes, treats, activities and games. For Barfoot, these moments of revelry are among the perks of her career. “I absolutely love my job. It feels like family here; it’s my second home. I feel like I have 200 grandparents instead of four,” she says.

Artistic endeavors are also fully supported at Sagewood. The facility community has an art studio and woodwork shops where residents can continue their beloved hobbies or acquire new talents. “We have a group that meets together for quilting and crocheting, and they’ll then go to farmer’s markets or boutiques to sell their goods or even donate hats and blankets they’ve made,” Barfoot describes. 

In the summer months, the Sagewood team finds creative ways to enjoy the warm weather. In the evening, outdoor concerts and play productions are held in the shared courtyard and community members can attend in person or listen from their own patios. In the daytime, Tate and Barfoot design options for basking in the sunshine, including one special event where they rented bike taxis and took the residents for rides by Daybreak’s 65-acre man-made lake.

“We hope to provide something for everyone,” Jonathan says.

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