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High School Sports Beta

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Thank you for taking time to explore the new High School Sports website. Please browse the questions below for more information about this early beta.

What is the purpose of the beta site?

The beta site is an early preview of a major update coming to Deseret News High School Sports. We are providing some users with early access to help us gather feedback before launching the full site later this fall. Your feedback throughout the development process will help us build the best site possible.

Who should use the beta site?

The Deseret News is looking for Utah high school sports fans who are interested in providing early feedback on our new website. While anyone can request access, please understand that the beta site is a work in progress — pages and data will be missing as features are added to the site.

Continue using the current site for the latest data and information.

What sort of feedback are we looking for?

Once you sign-up to be a beta tester, you will receive a weekly email that lists new pages or features on the site, and a link to a short survey you can complete to help provide feedback. You can also email feedback about the site at any time.

You’ll notice that some pages are blank or missing. We don’t need feedback about these pages as we will be filling them with content soon (see “Why does the beta site seem incomplete?” below).

Does the beta site have the same stats and information as the old website?

Data on the beta site is updated daily but may not appear for up to 24 hours after we receive it. Once the new website is complete, data will appear as soon as it is input into our system.

The current website will continue to operate as normal, posting new data as soon as it’s received by the Deseret News sports team.

As with the current site, any errors can be corrected by emailing prepstats@deseretnews.com.

Why does the beta site seem incomplete? Why are some pages blank or missing?

The beta site will be updated weekly with new features and pages added as they’re developed. Blank or missing pages will be live with content soon.

Why are you changing a website I already know and love?

The new high school sports website will more closely integrate with the rest of the Deseret News website. Over time, the new site will better integrate our stats and news coverage.

When is the new website going to be released?

As soon as possible! We don’t have a specific date yet, but we are working toward a late fall release.