Christmas countdown is in full swing and Americans are ready to put on their stretchy pants to make room for the tasty delights of the holiday season. Our country, a melting pot of diversity, has an endless list of Christmas foods, enough to fill up a recipe book.

“After being cooped up indoors for months, many Americans are looking forward to finally seeing family and friends again; as well as regaining the holiday spirit many anticipate towards the end of the working year,” says Daniel Brown, of, a website that provides Christmas tips, tricks and traditions. conducted a survey of 3,485 Americans to rank the nation’s more iconic Christmas meals, from cranberry sauce to reindeer meat.

  • Overall, the most iconic food was awarded to New Hampshire's pumpkin pie.
  • Next up is Alabama’s crescent recipe, golden brown and baked to a crispy finish with flakey crust. Crescent dough is versatile, with avenues for creating a buttery crescent with a savory filling or a crescent fruit cobbler.
  • Utah gets third place with its green bean casserole.
  • Lutefisk from Minnesota gets last place. The dish is a dried whitefish, usually cod, that is soaked in water for a number of days and pickled in lye. It is popular in areas with Scandinavian history.

“Of course, many love the customs and traditions associated with Christmas. However, if you’re looking to experiment with new, different food this time around, now is the perfect time to begin recipe testing!” says Brown.

If you’re looking for ideas, also has an interactive map that shows all of America’s iconic Christmas foods.