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There’s a recall for these Coca-Cola sodas and drinks

You might want to throw away that Coca-Cola product if it’s on this list

The logo for Coca Cola.
The logo for Coca Cola appears above a trading post on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2021.
Richard Drew, Associated Press

The Coca-Cola Co. has issued a recall for several Minute Maid products because there’s a potential they include foreign objects, like metal bolts and washers.

  • The recall is centered around a limited quantity of drinks including Minute Maid Berry Punch, Strawberry Lemonade and Fruit Punch in 59 ounce cartons, according to USA Today.

Which Minute Maid drinks are being recalled?

The full list of drinks reads:

  • Minute Maid Berry Punch — Date codes Jan0422 NP and Jan0522 NP, Batch 0010323455 and 0010259344 (recall F-0276-2022).
  • Minute Maid Strawberry Lemonade — Date code: Jan0322 NP, Batch: 0010259346 (recall F-0277-2022).
  • Minute Maid Fruit Punch — Date Code: JAN0522 NP Batch: 0010323454 (recall F-0278-2022).

Which Diet Coke products are recalled?

A select amount of Coca-Cola sodas were on the list, too, including:

  • Coca-Cola 12-ounce cans: Date Code: AUG 1522 WM B.
  • Coca-Cola 12-ounce cans: Date Code: AUG 1522 WM C.
  • Sprite 12-ounce cans: Date Code: AUG 1522 WM B.

The Food and Drug Administration said the Coke products in question were distributed in the following states:

  • Pennsylvania.
  • Connecticut.
  • New York.
  • North Carolina.
  • Maryland.
  • Virginia.
  • Maine.
  • New Jersey.

Per Food Safety News, there’s concern that some people might have these products in their homes because of their long shelf life. So take an extra glance through your pantry and food storage to make sure they’re not there.