The Burlington Baseball Club has announced its new team name, and it might be one of the best out there — the Burlington Sock Puppets.

  • The team will hit the field on June 5 when the Sock Puppets play their first game at Burlington Athletic Stadium in Burlington, North Carolina.
  • The team plays in the Appalachian League, which comes from the MLB and USA Baseball.

Ryan Keur, owner and president of the club, said in a statement that the team name pays homage to the people of Burlington (who are not sock puppets).

  • “As we explored all possible identities for the team and engaged locally with so many different people, the stories and responses revolved around the uniqueness of what makes Burlington so special— and ultimately it’s the people.”
  • “The people here in Burlington, both those new to the area and those that have been here for so long have this desire to be great. It is a community that works well together and has transitioned from industry to industry over the past one hundred years. Something that stuck out was that Burlington was the ‘Hosiery Capital of the South’ and when we started discussing a name — everyone continued to say they wanted something ‘to own,’ something ‘unique’ that no one in the United States could say they had. ... And with that, a ‘Sock Puppet’ textile-themed identity was born.”
  • Keur continued: “It is playful, fun and will resonate with the history of Burlington but send us into the future as one of the top entertainment and sports teams in the country! Lights, Camera, Action! All eyes are on Burlington, North Carolina and SOCKVILLE, USA!”

The team comes with red, white and blue colors. The logo features throwback socks, too, according to People magazine.