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The ‘Loki’ first half of the season awards are here. Who won the MVP?

Who is the MVP of ‘Loki’ so far? Who is the best character?

SHARE The ‘Loki’ first half of the season awards are here. Who won the MVP?
Loki in “Loki.”

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in “Loki.”

Marvel Studios

“Loki” has released a teaser trailer for the second half the season, and it looks to be just as wild as the first half.

The upcoming second half of the season looks jampacked with excitement. We see shots of Loki and Sylvie being captured by the Time Variance Authority. We see chaos unfolding at the TVA offices and Lamentis-1. There’s just so much going on. We can expect the second half of the season to be straight up chaos.

So, with the second half of a six-hour season on the way, we decided to put together a list of awards for the first half. We did this before for “The Mandalorian” Season 2, so we thought we’d bring it back for this show.

These awards are similar to the awards I gave for “The Mandalorian” Season 2 (with a few changes to match the “Loki” vibe).

  • MVP — The character who owned the season.
  • Sidekick — The noncharacter who popped on the screen more than any others.
  • Hot streak — The character who made the most of their short appearance on the show.
  • Best duo — Group of characters who teamed up that had the greatest results.
  • Agent of the season — The alien character with the most success.
  • Best location— Best planet to visit.
  • Best fight — Best battle scene of the season.
  • Most memorable moment — The moment so memorable you’ll never forget it.
  • Moment you wish hadn’t happened — Plenty of moments were full of cringe or gritted teeth.

MVP — Sylvie

There’s no question Sylvie has owned the season so far. Loki deserves a lot of credit for changing his tune on working with the Time Variance Authority. But Sylvie has been a wrecking ball, altering the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline forever with her plan to take down the TVA and fight the Time Keepers.

Sylvie has also changed the way we see Loki. In reality, Loki can be anyone. He can be a woman, a man or a child. There’s no one gender for Loki.

And Sylvie has brought on a number of revelations — Loki is bisexual, the TVA are all variants and there can be multiple timelines created.

I know Sylvie appears to be the villain so far in “Loki” but she is far ahead of everyone else, determining everything that’s been happening. Without her, there’s no point for Loki on this show. She’s the guiding force, and it’ll be fun to see where she goes next. Will she keep up this show of strength? Will she be the MVP by the end of the season? It’s really unclear how she’ll impact everything going forward, but she’s got a good shot at it.

Sidekick — Loki

I know it’s weird me calling Loki a sidekick of “Loki,” but so far he has been the second-best on the show. Tom Hiddleston has killed the role, nailing each moment with poise, humor and strength. But Loki, as a character, still remains second fiddle. He’s down bad at points, he’s up high at others. But he is not in control of anything right now. This show has so far been about showing us more about Loki and what he represents. We don’t see him in control as the main hero yet. Soon enough, we’ll likely see more about who he represents. He’s definitely the frontrunner to take the MVP award if he shows strength in the second half of the season.

Hot streak — Mobius

Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) is excellent every time he shows up on screen. So far, every Mobius scene is memorable. He tells us a lot about the TVA and how we should perceive the world around us. Wilson plays the role like he doesn’t care about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a lot of that is because Mobius doesn’t care about anything other than the TVA. It’s a great intro spot for Wilson into the MCU. We’ll see if the hot streak can continue when we see him again. Judge Renslayer is the runner-up to this award, and she’s the most-likely candidate to capture the title if she appears more often in the second half.

Best duo — Loki and Mobius

Loki and Mobius are the LeBron James and Dwyane Wade of “Loki” so far. Their scenes together are jampacked with hilarity, great acting and excellent chemistry. The back-and-forth is right there and the two of them run with it. We could probably see a little more of this moving forward. We’ll probably see a different side of their relationship if Loki and Mobius come together again after Loki’s recent escape, which could only add to their depth. So far, the only other duo in the running is Sylvie and Loki, who will likely be separated if they get captured by the TVA.

Agent of the season — Mobius

Mobius racks up another award here as the agent of the season. For Marvel shows, this award goes for any SHIELD agent or U.S. government official — basically, any of the suits — who proves to be the most charismatic and impactful. Mobius is easily the answer. He’s giving us our deepest look into the mindset of the TVA and showing us how the TVA works. Maybe Renslayer or Hunter B-15 could capture this award by the end of the season. But it seems the only TVA agent we need to care about right now is Mobius. He’s a strong contender to finish the season with the award.

Best location— Lamentis-1

This is a recent setting we saw in Episode 3 — which was titled “Lamentis.” The planet is beautiful with a purple landscape and a cool downtown area that sparkles with techno lights and what not. And the location has a remarkable story in the Marvel comic book story, too, so there’s even more depth there. It’s a beautiful location and it’s our first place outside the TVA offices that we’ve really seen (save for random apocalypse moments). So yeah, it deserves this award.

Best fight — The bar scene on Lamentis-1

The third episode of the season gave us an excellent fight scene with Loki and Sylvie fighting off Lamentis-1 agents, who wanted to capture Loki and Sylvie. The scene moves really well. Loki and Sylvie use their environment to their advantage, battling off the agents in a funny, classic Marvel fight scene. It’s well worth the moment.

Most memorable moment — Roxxcart Mall

I knew I was hooked with Loki from the Roxxcart Mall shopping scene. Specifically, the moments where Loki was looking for the dangerous Variant, and then meeting Sylvie for the first time. The suspense was growing and ballooning wildly as we waited to see the Variant. It had so much hype and it delivered on it. And then, on top of that, the scene ended with a cliffhanger as Loki left the mall with Sylvie, setting off a chain of events that included a slew of multiverses being created. What a moment that will change the MCU forever.

Moment you wish hadn’t happened — Hunter B-15 gets tricked by Loki

There's one scene I find too cringe-worthy and silly for this show. It’s the moment where Loki gets free from the TVA. He gains control over the reset button from Hunter B-15 and decides to use it on her.

Here’s how the MCU Wiki describes the scene: “Loki then brought B-15 back into the room, then sending her back once more. Loki continued to do this, despite B-15 ordering that he stop, sending her backward and forwards through space repeatedly until ultimately teleporting her out of the room.”

It’s a little too silly for me. And it makes a mockery out of Hunter B-15, who is a strong, stable force of the TVA. I wish they hadn’t included this scene. I get why it was added in — to show Loki is still a prankster. But it just feels so out of place.