The series finale of “Loki” — the hit Marvel Cinematic Universe show — has arrived.

The show — which began back in June — will come to a conclusion as “Black Widow” continues to air in theaters and on Disney+. We won’t see another Disney+ show until August when Marvel’s “What if...?” drops online.

For now, here’s how you can watch or stream the finale episode of “Loki.”

Details for ‘Loki’ Episode 6

  • Date: Wednesday, July 14
  • Time: 1:01 a.m. MDT (12:01 a.m. PDT)
  • Location: Disney+
  • Titles: TBD
  • Run time: TBD

What is ‘Loki’ series finale about?

In the fifth episode of “Loki,” Loki and Sylvie found themselves at the end of time on a planet where all variants are discarded by the Time Variance Authority. With the help of Old Loki, Boastful Loki, Alligator Loki and Kid Loki, both Loki and Sylvie devised a plan to enchant a magic alien monster, named Alioth, into bringing them to the leader of the TVA.

The ‘Loki’ series finale is here. What should you expect?

Thanks to last-minute heroics from Old Loki, the plan worked. Now, Sylvie and Loki are headed to meet the leader of the TVA (or so we assume).

At the same time, Agent Mobius, who was evaporated by the TVA and wound up at the end of time with Loki and Sylvie, made his way back to the TVA using a Temp Pad device. He will now confront Judge Renslayer, who is searching for her own answers about the TVA.

How to watch or stream ‘Loki’ series finale

To watch the series finale of “Loki,” you’ll need a Disney+ subscription. Marvel projects are exclusive to Disney+, and “Loki” is no different.

  • Monthly subscriptions cost $7.99 per month, according to the Disney+ website.
  • You can buy a yearly Disney+ subscription for $79.99.
  • There’s also a Disney+ bundle package that includes Hulu and ESPN+ for $13.99 per month.