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Will there be a ‘Loki’ Season 2?

Will there be a second season of ‘Loki’ in the future?

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Tom Hiddleston in “Loki.”

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in “Loki.”

Marvel Studios

Warning: This article contains slight spoilers for the “Loki” Season 1 finale.

We finally got a number of answers about the multiverse, the Time Variance Authority and the Time Keepers in the “Loki” Season 1 finale — but will there be a second season of the show?

Will there be ‘Loki’ Season 2?

Yes. We know this because the show’s mid-credits scene showed a file of Loki that was pounded with a stamp that revealed “Loki” will return for a second season.

  • Based on the ending of the show, there’s plenty of room for a second season. Many questions remain about where Loki will go next in “Loki,” and how Loki will deal with timelines, multiverses and everything he learned in the Season 1 finale.

When does ‘Loki’ Season 2 come out?

We have no idea. The Marvel Cinematic Universe schedule of upcoming films and television projects is pretty full right now “Ms. Marvel,” “Hawkeye,” Moon Knight,” “She-Hulk” and “Secret Invasion” are all upcoming Disney+ Marvel shows that will hit before the second season of “Loki” does, since they’re all in production. That’s on top of the slew of movies that will come out in the meantime. So we have no idea when there will be a second season.

  • But “The Mandalorian” — a separate Disney+ original show — came back for its second season after one year. So there’s a chance “Loki” could come back soon if production kicks off again. Though Marvel Studios has a number of shows in the works, each individual project has its own production staff. So there’s a chance “Loki” could come back sooner than we think.