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We need to talk about the Infinity Stone theory for ‘Loki’

The latest episode of ‘Loki’ further supported the Infinity Stone theory

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President Loki in “Loki.”

President Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in “Loki.”

Marvel Studios

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for “Loki” Episode 5 — “Journey into Mystery.”

There’s a new theory about the show “Loki” that might offer a hint at the series’ endgame.

What is the ‘Loki’ Infinity Stone theory?

TikTok user @she_loves_Marvel first released this theory, which suggests there’s a connection between the Infinity Stones and all of the episodes of “Loki.”

  • Episode 1 has a connection to the Soul Stone because the episode is tinged with orange, including the Time Variance Authority logos and offices.
  • Episode 2 has a connection to the Reality Stone because the episode is shaded with red. In fact, Sylvie first appears under a red light.
  • Episode 3 has a connection to the Power Stone because the episode is mostly purple. The planet Lamentis-1 has a purple hue to it, which draws a connection to the purple Power Stone.
  • Episode 4 is a reference to the Mind Stone, which is gold. The episode has a number of gold stones as the TVA capture Loki and bring him back.
  • Episode 5, true to form, has a reference to the Time Stone. The episode is covered in green, just like the Time Stone.

What does the Infinity Stone theory mean for the ending?

If this is all true, then we’re set for the final episode of the series to be covered in blue, which would be a reference to the Space Stone, which was inside the Tesseract. The Tesseract is what Loki originally stole to wind up in Mongolia, where he was discovered by the TVA.

  • It’s fitting, then, that the show will bring everything back to where it began.
  • “The fact that ‘Loki’ has six episodes for six Infinity Stones may be a coincidence, but it’s an excellent way to look at each episode as an examination of how each Stone has affected those around it and as a kind of swan song for them,” according to The Inverse.