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The ending of ‘The Bad Batch’ actually might be wicked important

What does the ending of ‘The Bad Batch’ mean for ‘Star Wars’ moving forward?

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The Bad Batch in “Bad Batch.”

The Bad Batch Clone Troopers in “Bad Batch,” a new “Star Wars” series on Disney+.


You might be a little confused by the ending of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch.” But that’s OK — because the ending is a little limited in what it reveals, unless you dig a little deeper.

‘Bad Batch’ ending, explained

The final scene of “Bad Batch” had nothing to do with the Bad Batch soldiers themselves. Instead, it showed the Kaminoan scientist Nala Se — the tall lanky figure seen in “Attack of the Clones” and then later in this series — being taken to a remote facility owned by the Empire.

  • While there, a young scientist approaches Nala Se and says that the Empire has big plans for Nala Se. The scientist is then escorted into the base. And that’s all we get.

What does the ending mean?

We don’t know yet. It’s obviously a hint that Nala Se — the scientist behind the cloning technology on Kamino — will work with the Empire moving forward. We know there’s obvious cloning technology used for Snoke, Empire Palpatine and more, so there’s plenty of material to work with.

  • “What we’ll say is, where Nala Se is, what Nala Se is doing, should be a mystery to the audience, and we hope to explore that in the upcoming season,” Jennifer Corbett, an executive producer of “Bad Batch,” told StarWars.com.

How the ‘Bad Batch’ ending connects to the Expanded Universe

But Gizmodo highlighted another connection that the ending has to the “Star Wars” franchise. One of the pieces of concept art for the show reveals the same imperial base location but with a mountain in the background (see the photo here).

Per Gizmodo, the photo may be a hint of Wayland (which is written as “Weyland” in the concept art details) — home to the epic Mount Tantiss.

  • In the expanded universe of “Star Wars” books, Mount Tantiss “was one of many secret storehouses of technology, Sith artifacts, and general sinister tat kept by Emperor Palpatine across the galaxy, a reserve of power and knowledge kept largely hidden from the rest of the Empire after his (not so final) death,” according to Gizmodo.