Disney+ announced Thursday that “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” — a spinoff of the animated series “The Clone Wars” — will return for Season 2 in 2022.

  • “Fans have enthusiastically embraced the action and drama of ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch,’ and we are excited to see the ‘Star Wars’ animated universe continue to expand on Disney+,” Michael Paull, president of Disney+ and ESPN+, said in a statement emailed to the Deseret News. “As the dedicated streaming home for the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, we can’t wait for the second season of this fan-favorite animated series.”
  • Dave Filoni, the executive producer of the show, said the next season will continue to tell the story of the Bad Batch soldiers, who are imperfect versions of the original Clone Troopers, making them an unique group of soldiers.

Season finale begins

Disney+ said in a release that the first part of the two-part Season 1 finale of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” will be available to begin streaming Friday at 1 a.m. MDT.

What to know about ‘Bad Batch’

Overall, “The Bad Batch” has served as a reminder to “The Clone Wars,” oftentimes nodding directly to that show or paying service to some of its characters. The show has also been a way for the “Star Wars” franchise to acknowledge the early days of the Empire.