Warning: This episode has brief spoilers for “Bad Batch” Episode 7, “Battle Scars.”

The latest episode of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” reminded us of how troubling the Clone Wars were, and the impact such a war will have on a person.

The episode also reminded us that sometimes you might wait to do something until it’s too late. That is until something tragic inspires you to take care of a problem. It’s something that fits well in our current era — where nonbelievers and skeptics run amok about COVID-19 virus, vaccines and conspiracy theories. We’ll revisit that a little later.

What is ‘Bad Batch’ Episode 7 about?

The seventh episode of “Bad Batch” — titled “Battle Scars” — features a “Clone Wars” cameo as Captain Rex returns to help the Bad Batch rid themselves of their inhibitor chips, which the Empire used on the clone troopers to get them to perform Order 66.

Throughout the first seven episodes, we’ve heard Bad Batch squad member Wrecker complain about a headache, which was a sign his inhibitor chip may force him to enact Order 66 and take down his fellow clones. Rex suggests Wrecker and the rest of the crew get their inhibitor chips removed to stop them from getting hit with Order 66. Though they aren’t showing signs of following Order 66, Rex suggests the Bad Batch’s mindsets could change.

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Rex’s return

We have to talk about Captain Rex’s return to the “Star Wars” universe. For the uninitiated, Rex was a major player in the “Clone Wars” animated series, often teaming up with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi on missions across the galaxy. He later became a close ally with Ahsoka Tano, fighting alongside her until the bitter end of the war. In fact, his inhibitor chip encouraged him to kill Ahsoka during the final episodes of “Clone Wars” before they figured out a way to take out the chip.

The only other time we’ve seen Rex was in “Star Wars: Rebels,” where the characters in that show met up with Rex and other clone troopers who had been hiding out for years.

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Now, we’re seeing a glimpse of those post-war years. Rex talks about the end of the war and the danger of the inhibitor chips throughout this episode. You can feel the history of the great Clone Wars hanging over him like it’s a dream he might never escape. Truly, the moments with Rex are a reminder of his story and the war behind him. As much as the “Star Wars” films may mention the Clone Wars offhand, “Bad Batch” does a good job of showing how the war impacted soldiers and citizens alike. It’s a great angle for a “Star Wars” project to take — since so much of “Star Wars” focuses on the action rather than the fallout.

Belief vs. disbelief

I couldn’t help but think about the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccine while I watched this episode. There’s a scene where Captain Rex tries to encourage the Bad Batch soldiers to take out their inhibitor chips. He suggests that the chips — though they may not work immediately on deformed clones like the Bad Batch — will eventually hurt them and take over their minds. He implores them to get their chips removed. Members of the Bad Batch, though, deny the idea, saying they know they’ll be safe for now.

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It isn’t until later when Wrecker loses control of his mind that the Bad Batch change their tune. They see what happens to their friend and decide to act, getting their chips taken out and letting Wrecker get his taken out, too. It’s a close call, as it’s clear the Bad Batch could have lost their minds if they didn’t listen.

We’ve seen this throughout the pandemic. People have denied the existence of the novel coronavirus or the effectiveness of the vaccine. Some of those people later see themselves impacted by COVID-19, or a loved one gets hit with the virus, too. Not to be overly political with this review, but there iss a massage there about listening to experts and those with experience when it comes to matters beyond your control. Sometimes, a leader like Captain Rex or Dr. Anthony Fauci might, have the answers to get you through — to help you survive and continue to the fight in this life.

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