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BYUtv, ‘BYU Sports Nation’ host Spencer Linton shares experience with severe COVID-19

SHARE BYUtv, ‘BYU Sports Nation’ host Spencer Linton shares experience with severe COVID-19
Luke Staley, right, laughs after an interview with BYU Sports Nation radio hosts Spencer Linton, left, and Jarom Jordan.

Luke Staley, right, laughs after an interview with “BYU Sports Nation” radio hosts Spencer Linton, left, and Jarom Jordan during BYU football media day at BYU Broadcasting in Provo on Friday, June 23, 2017. Linton shared on social media how he has recently had a severe case of COVID-19.

Kristin Murphy, Deseret News

Late Sunday night, Spencer Linton of BYUtv and “BYU Sports Nation” shared on Twitter that he has been dealing with a severe case of COVID-19 for more than two weeks, and urged people to avoid it however they can.

Linton prefaced his post by writing, “I’ve been very hesitant to post this personal health/life update because it’s not really my style. But, I feel extra compelled to share tonight. This is absolutely NOT meant to divide politically in any way. I respect & love the gift of personal agency.”

He then shared that, despite getting vaccinated for COVID-19 in May (he got the one-dose Johnson & Johnson shot), he became sick a little more than two weeks ago with “what doctors are calling a very potent and downright unlucky string of the highly contagious COVID-19 Delta variant.”

After being sick for a few days with what doctors thought was a bad head cold or flu since he had tested negative for the coronavirus, Linton “took a significant turn for the worse” by the fifth day.

He shared that he was having “every COVID symptom known to mankind” and had to gasp for air after sitting up in bed or using the bathroom.

“It was scary and confusing and extremely frustrating,” Linton wrote. “I have never experienced anything like this in my life. It’s the sickest I’ve ever been, and it’s not close.”

Finally a week into the illness, Linton was diagnosed with COVID-19, and he had a severe case of pneumonia. He began receiving oxygen treatments, and over the last week, “I have been largely on bed rest and contained to my bedroom, attached to oxygen.”

He said he has had a great support system, although he’s just been able to start doing tasks like brushing his teeth without oxygen.

“Small celebrations happen when my blood oxygen saturation levels approach ‘normal’ or when I don’t lose any more weight than the 16 pounds I’ve dropped since I got sick,” he wrote.

With Sunday being Day 15 of his illness, Linton wrote, “I feel like I’m just beginning to turn a small corner.

“I can’t help but wonder... what would things be like for me if I didn’t have some type of vaccination up front? Did it work at all? Did it save my life? Should I get another vaccine? I’ll go the rounds on those questions on my own time.”

Linton concluded his message with an impassioned charge to avoid the disease at all costs.

“This much I KNOW. I wouldn’t wish what I have experienced on my worst, mortal enemy,” he wrote. “This virus and disease is awful. It is no respecter of man or circumstances and certainly not of politics or pettiness.

“My plea is for you all to avoid this virus at whatever cost. Whatever that personal avoidance plan and agency entails, do it. Just avoid this miserable disease. It is real, it is raw, and it is relentless. And it nearly took me out...a ‘healthy, no pre-existing conditions, not immunocompromised human.”

Linton wrote, “I empathize so much with those that have been negatively affected by this... including the millions who have died or have endured loved ones dying. Stay safe, my friends. I genuinely wish you good health and happy days ahead amidst this pandemic. Hope to be back on the air with you very soon.”