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There will be a post-credits scene in ‘What...If?’

‘What...If?’ producers said there will be post-credits content. Here’s what we know

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Doctor Strange in Marvel Studios’ “What If...?”

Doctor Strange in Marvel Studios’ “What If...?” which debuts on Disney+ this week.

Marvel Studios

Will there be a post-credit scene in Marvel’s “What...If?”

Marvel’s “What...If?” producer Brad Winderbaum has a cryptic warning about what’s to come with the show — there will be some post-credits content.

  • “I mean, there is ‘a’ post-credits scene,” Winderbaum told Cinemablend.

What is Marvel’s “What...If?”

Marvel’s “What...If?” is an anthology series where each episode is different than the last. And, as far as we know, there isn’t meant to be a connecting thread line between the episodes, according to ScreenRant.

Marvel post-credit scenes, explained

Oftentimes, Marvel projects will include post-credits scenes to link the stories to other projects.

Post-credit scenes are important for Marvel, as they often hint at what’s to come. Such was the case with the post-credit scene for “WandaVision,” which showed Wanda hearing her children’s voices — even though the children had disappeared. This was reportedly a hint at what’s to come in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.”

Recently, Marvel recently switched up the post-credit scene, changing minor details that might offer more hints about what’s to come.