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Disney+ goes full spooky season with its new ‘Star Wars’ project

The newest ‘Star Wars’ project is meant for Halloween fans

SHARE Disney+ goes full spooky season with its new ‘Star Wars’ project
The poster for “Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales.”

The poster for “Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales,” which is coming to Disney+ soon.


Disney+ debuted the trailer for “LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales,” a Halloween special that will mix “Star Wars” and the spooky season together.

The trailer shows Poe and BB-8 landing on Mustafar after their ship experiences an emergency issue. This appears to be after the events of “The Rise of Skywalker.” Poe and BB-8 then meet Graballa the Hutt, who has turned Darth Vader’s castle on Mustafar into a luxury hotel.

Poe, BB-8, Graballa and a young boy named Dean head inside where they find Vader’s loyal servant, Vaneé (I wrote about Vaneé here on Deseret News if you want more details). Vaneé promises to tell three stories about the galaxy, all of which have a dark side twist.

Watch the trailer below.

What are the stories in the ‘Terrifying Tales’ show?

Disney+ said in a release that the show will have three stories centered around the dark side and the Sith.

  • “The Lost Boy” — a story where young Ben Solo meets Ren, who puts Ben on the path to becoming Kylo Ren.
  •  “The Dueling Monstrosities” — a look at how life would be different in Darth Vader and General Grievous “were reborn,” according to Disney+. Darth Maul appears in this story, according to the trailer.
  • “The Wookiee’s Paw” — a story about Luke Skywalker becoming an Imperial pilot instead of joining the Rebellion.

When does ‘LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales’ premiere?

It premieres on Oct. 1.