By now, you’ve likely seen your friends share photos of green and yellow squares along with their Wordle scores. Seems pretty weird, right? Well, it’s actually an example of how the latest internet darling game — called Wordle — has taken the world by storm.

The game, which once had dozens of players but now has hundreds of thousands — is a game where you basically try to guess a word, according to The New York Times.

  • The once-a-day game calls for players to guess a five-letter world, much like the game Mastermind.
  • After you guess the word, the game tells you whether any of your selected letters are in the secret word and if they’re in the right place.
  • In all, gamers have six chances to get the word right.
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The game’s website — found here — explains the game easily. Basically, you try to guess the word.

  • The box and letter will glow green if you guessed correctly.
  • If the letter is right, but in the wrong spot, it will be shaded yellow.
  • If the letter glows gray, then the letter is not in the word.

According to Gizmodo, the game became so popular online because it’s fairly easy to share your score on social media. This allows people across the world to compete — and brag — about what they’ve done.

  • There is a major flaw, though — the daily word is the same for everyone. So if your friend tweets it, then you’re probably going to be spoiled easily.