The cast of “The Brady Bunch” has remained close over the years, staying in touch and reuniting for “Brady Bunch” anniversaries, comic cons and awards shows. But the last time the actors got together to perform was more than four decades ago, for “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour.”

Until now.

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‘The Brady Bunch’ brothers appear on ‘The Masked Singer’

The three “Brady Bunch” brothers — actors Barry Williams, Christopher Knight and Mike Lookinland — were unveiled on a recent episode of “The Masked Singer.” The actors donned mummy costumes and performed the theme song from the 1960s TV show “The Monkees,” marking their first performance together in 45 years, Fox News reported.

The actors got eliminated during the episode, meaning they had to reveal their identities to the show’s judges and studio audience.

“It was thrilling to be together performing,” Williams, who played the oldest brother Greg Brady, said after getting unveiled, per Today. “We haven’t performed together like this since, well, the ‘Brady’ days, originally. So being here was such fun, we could dance with such abandon, and this audience has been just terrific.”

“Honestly, this may be the purest moment on the ‘Masked Singer,’ just to see the ‘Brady Bunch’ here live,” “Masked Singer” judge Ken Jeong said, according to Today.

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Who is the Harp on ‘The Masked Singer’?

The actors admitted they were a little surprised to be voted off the show so early in the game.

“Early in rehearsals ... we were rehearsing on Zoom and doing audio. I said on one of our calls, ‘Listen guys, I fully intend to go in to win this thing,’” Lookinland told Entertainment Weekly. “And then, when I heard Harp sing for the first time, I said, ‘OK, new plan. I fully intend to not get eliminated in the first round.’”

The Harp made her debut during the season premiere of “The Masked Singer,” and remains unbeaten. It has been widely speculated that actress Amber Riley is the Harp, the Deseret News reported.

The popularity of ‘The Brady Bunch’

It’s been more than 50 years since “The Brady Bunch” premiered. Lookinland, who played the youngest son, Bobby Brady, previously talked to the Deseret News about the show’s popularity.

“If you’re a parent, you can definitely feel good about sitting your children down and putting on a DVD of ‘The Brady Bunch.’ There’s nothing bad about that,” Lookinland, who lives in Utah, said in 2019. “But I think it’s more the kids that see those values. … It’s a show made for children. The struggles we all face seem big, but we can get through it together, and I think kids just really take to that and know that that’s something to value, so that’s why it’s staying on, is because children keep watching it. 

“Nobody ever approaches me without a smile and something friendly to say when it comes to the Brady connection,” he continued. “Everybody thinks of it in a good light.”