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Have butter boards gone too far?

This TikTok trend has led to buttercream boards and peanut butter boards — has the trend gone too far?

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This October 2022 photo shows a cream cheese and smoked salmon board created by Suzie Cornell.

This October 2022 photo shows a cream cheese and smoked salmon board created by Suzie Cornell in Boca Raton, Fla. Butter boards have become the polarizing stepchild of charcuterie boards.

Suzie Cornell via Associated Press

Butter boards have been sweeping the nation. On TikTok, influencers have posted videos making butter boards for themselves, scooping up a herb compound butter with a piece of warm, crusty bread. But since the debut of butter boards, new variations have emerged.

One of these variations is called the buttercream board. Buttercream frosting is smeared on a cutting board and people use sweet treats like strawberries and bites of cake to scoop it up.

Another variation on this trend is the peanut butter board.

Peanut butter is placed on a cutting board and optional toppings like caramel and nuts are sprinkled on top of it. Celery and pretzels are used to scoop up the peanut butter.


Butter boards are cool, but Peanut Butter Boards are my new favorite dessert board! #butterboard #peanutbutter #easyrecipe #desserts #fallaesthetic

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Cream cheese is not exempt from this trend.

Cream cheese acts as the base, while jam and other toppings are plopped on top. On the side are bagels to scoop up the cream cheese.


My take on the #butterboard trend! I did a whipped cream cheese board instead. Let me know in the comments if you would try this for a bunch party #spillingthesweettea #charcuterieideas

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With so many variations, have butter boards gone too far? Should we return to the simple charcuterie board with fancy cheese and refreshing crudites?

Butter boards introduce some complications. For one, double dipping on a butter board seems even more likely than chip double dipping. The bread to butter ratio also would be difficult to achieve, given the method of scooping up the topping. Another unavoidable consequence is these boards are difficult to clean.

Butter is already tricky to clean off of glass — the residue on wood is also a challenge.

Maybe all of the variations of butter boards have gone too far and a return to butter boards and charcuterie boards is necessary.