Actor and comedian Bob Saget’s last film appearance will premiere later this month.

Driving the news: Saget’s final film, “Daniel’s Gotta Die,” will premiere at the Austin Film Festival this year, CNN reported. The festival runs from Oct. 27 to Nov. 3. Saget, who died in January, never got to see the movie finished.

  • “Daniel’s Gotta Die” is part of a lineup of more than 33 movies set to premiere at the Austin Film Festival.

What they’re saying: Writers and directors of “Daniel’s Gotta Die” expressed gratitude for Saget’s contribution to the movie in an Austin Film Festival press release.

  • “Bob’s passing came as a shock to the entire ‘Daniel’s Gotta Die’ team,” said director Jeremy LaLonde. “It’s with great sadness that he never got to see it finished. I can’t wait to see how audiences react to his final performance at Austin Film Festival with his final gift to all that loved him.”
  • Writer Matthew Dressel said, “Bob truly loved the script and took on a very fatherly role right from the start; eager to help out in any way he could. ... He helped us craft a beautiful and heart-warming send-off and I think people will really appreciate it.”
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Details: Saget died unexpectedly in January at age 65 from accidental head trauma. Saget is known for playing Danny Tanner on the series “Full House.”

  • “Daniel’s Gotta Die” follows a man seeking to reconnect with a family who would prefer to kill him for inheritance money.
  • Saget plays Lawrence in the film. It is not clear yet what the character’s role in the movie is.
  • Other stars in the movie include: Iggy Pop, Joel David Moore, Jason Jones, Carly Chaikin and Mary Lynn Rajskub.