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‘Disenchanted’ isn’t stopping at theaters on its way to Disney+ this Friday

Fans have been on the edge of their seats for ‘Disenchanted’ and now it’s finally here

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 Patrick Dempsey in a scene from “Disenchanted.”

This image released by Disney+ shows Patrick Dempsey in a scene from “Disenchanted,” releasing on Nov. 18 — 15 years after the original “Enchanted.”

Disney+ via Associated Press

The long-awaited film “Disenchanted” is coming to Disney+ streaming services on Friday.

Fans of the highly anticipated sequel to “Enchanted” are wanting to know how to watch the new Disney flick.

What is the release date of ‘Disenchanted’?

“Disenchanted” will be released on Friday, Nov. 18. The sequel is launching after “Enchanted,” starring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey, made its debut 15 years ago.

The movie will be released to Disney+ and is skipping over movie theaters, according to Deadline.

“This was a situational thing,” “Enchanted” franchise producer Barry Josephson told Deadline. “This movie was developed as a box office movie.”

While many original cast members return in the sequel — including Adams and Dempsey — COVID-19 ended up rerouting the film to becoming a streaming service movie rather than a theatrical release.

“I also understood there are all these streaming services, and for Disney to be the preeminent streaming family service, why not make things exclusively streaming? Two and two made four to me,” Josephson said.

How can Disney+ subscribers stream ‘Disenchanted’?

Those who have a Disney+ subscription can stream the new film online along with other Disney movie and TV show content.

People interested in watching the film can subscribe to Disney+ for $7.99/month.

Rolling Stone reported that after a subscriber has access to Disney+, the user can watch the film on any device that supports the streaming service, such as Roku, Google Chromecast, or Apple TV.

The film can be displayed on a laptop, tablet, smart TV or smartphone.

What is being said about ‘Disenchanted’?

The Associated Press reported that Dempsey, who was in the original film and also stars in the sequel, said that despite the sequel’s slightly darker theme, the film is an escape from many dark-themed movies today.

As “Disenchanted” tells the story of how Giselle’s life turns upside down, Dempsey said during the press tour for the film, “It’s done in a light way, and hopefully, a way that can distract and entertain.”

Metacritic reported that for those who have had an early screening of the film, the reviews are mixed, ranging from critics reportedly being “under its spell” to disappointed critics tweeting that the film “loses ALL of the magic of the original.”